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Zhejiang University/University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Institute invites highly qualified candidates for multiple tenure-track faculty positions. Additionally, the Institute appointed excellent faculty from UIUC and ZJU as Adjunct Faculty.
  • Mark D. BUTALA
    Assistant Professor
    Remote Sensing, Image Reconstruction and Tomography, and Statistical Signal and Image Processing Theory and Application
  • Kemal CELEBI
    Assistant Professor
    Nanomaterial synthesis, ultrathin membranes and functional coatings
  • Wenchao CHEN
    Assistant Professor
    Multi-physics Modeling and Computation of 3D Integrated Circuits and Device, Nano Electronics, Computational Electromagnetics
  • Jiahuan CUI
    Assistant Professor
    CFD + Turbomachinery, Machine Learning + Turbulence Model, MEMS + Boundary Layer Measurement
  • Cristoforo DEMARTINO
    Assistant Professor
    Structural Engineering, Wind Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Dynamics, Bridge Engineering
  • Thomas HONOLD
    Algebraic Coding Theory (subspace codes, two-weight codes, linear codes over finite chain rings), Finite Geometry (partial spreads, arcs, blocking sets in geometries over finite fields and chain rings)
  • Huan HU
    Assistant Professor
    Advanced Nanomanufacturing,Bio-inspired micro/nano sensors,Lab on a Chip integrating Nanotechnology
  • Simon HU
    Assistant Professor
    Transportation and Environment, Vehicle Emission Measurement and Modelling, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Transportation Planning and Management, Sustainable Urban Transportation Systems
  • Philip T. KREIN
    Professor and Founding Executive Dean of ZJUI, Grainger Emeritus Chair in Electric Machinery and Electromechanics, Member of National Academy of Engineering, Fellow and National Academy of Inventors Fellow of IEEE
    Power electronics, Electric machinery and electromechanics, Advanced and renewable energy systems, Electric transportation, Low-energy buildings
  • Binbin LI
    Assistant Professor
    Structural Dynamics, Risk & Uncertainty, Structural Health Monitoring, Bayesian statistics
  • Chushan LI
    Assistant Professor
    High Power Density Power Converter, Multilevel Converter, Transportation Electrification, High Power Drive System
  • Erping LI
    Founding Dean and Professor of ZJUI, Distinguished Professor of ZJU, IEEE Fellow
    RF nanoelectronics, High speed electronics, Microwave and millimeterwave engineering
  • Yu LIN
    Assistant Professor
    Super-resolution microscopy, light-sheet microscopy, automated microscope and high-throughput image data process
  • Zuozhu LIU
    Assistant Professor
    Machine Learning, AI for Healthcare, Big Data Analytics in Wireless Networks, Generative Models and Representation Learning
  • Pavel LOSKOT
    Associate Professor
    Statistical signal processing, mathematical modeling of stochastic systems, network and distributed systems
  • Said MIKKI
    Associate Professor
    Electromagnetic Theory and Applications, Multiphysics, Wireless Communications, Computational Methods, Machine Learning and AI, Optimization Methods, Nanotechnology, Quantum Information Processing
  • Yasutaka NARAZAKI
    Assistant Professor
    Structural engineering, computer vision, machine learning/artificial intelligence, and robotics
  • Wee-Liat ONG
    Associate Professor
    Nanoscale Heat Transfer, BioMEMS, Energy
  • Oleksiy PENKOV
    Associate Professor
    Physics and materials science such as nanolayered coatings, surface engineering, and ion irradiation physics
  • Chao QIAN
    Assistant Professor
    metamaterials, machine learning, and optical computing
  • Klaus-Dieter SCHEWE
    Rigorous methods, logic and semantics, data and knowledge base theory, distributed and hybrid systems
  • Fangwei SHAO
    Associate Professor
    Nucleic Acid Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Chemical Biology, and DNA Nanotechnology
  • Shurun TAN
    Assistant Professor
    Electromagnetic theory, computation, scattering, sensing, environment, compatibility and reliability; environmental microwave remote sensing, wave-functional materials, wireless communication, V2X, neuromorphic chip, nano-structure.
  • K.C. TING
    Bio-based Processing and Production Systems, Biomass and Renewable Energy, Precision and Information Agriculture, Agricultural and Biosystems Management, Agricultural Safety and Health, Food Quality and Safety, Environmental Stewardship
  • Aili WANG
    Assistant Professor
    Low-power Integrated Circuits Design, Analog/Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits Design, Data Converters, Sensors, and Bioelectronics.
  • Hongwei WANG
    Associate Professor
    Collaborative Design and Simulation, Knowledge Management and Knowledge-Based Engineering, Description and Composition of Manufacturing Resources, Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Complex Systems, Modern Design Methods and Tools
  • Gaoang WANG
    Assistant Professor
    Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Image and Video Processing
  • Yan XIAO
    Program Director for Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Systems Sciences, Full Professor(Tenured) of ZJUI
    Integrated Protection of Engineering Structures, Hybrid and Composite Structure, Modern Bamboo and Timber Structure, Advanced and Green Civil Engineering Materials Research and Development, Manufacture and Applications, Experimental Methods and Analysis o
  • Yan YAN
    Unsustainable energy, Wind turbine and computational fluid dynamics
  • Hao YANG (Howard)
    Assistant Professor
    Modeling of modern wireless networks, high dimensional statistics, graph signal processing, and machine learning
  • Liangjing YANG
    Assistant Professor
    Robotics, Computer Vision, Vision-Guided Micromanipulation
  • Cui ZHOU
    Traffic operation and simulation, Intelligent transportation system, Structure health monitoring
  • Tingju ZHU
    Associate Professor
    Water Resource Systems Engineering, Water-Energy-Food Nexus, Integrated Modeling of Global Water-Food Systems, Flood Protection Planning, Climate Change Adaptation, Water Economics and Policy
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