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  • Sadia BIBI
    Physical geography, Environmental hydrogeochemistry
  • Muhammad HASSAN
    Structural design, micromechanics and performance investigation of nanoassemblies and applications of ordered nanowire devices
  • Zhouteng YE
    Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Yongjia XU
    Emergency Seismic damage assessment and response time-history prediction based on machine learning
  • Asad SALEEM
    V2V channel modeling, antenna designing, massive MIMO, electromagnetic theory, computation, Ad-hoc networks, and wireless communication
  • Baoshi QIAO
    Specialized in the research of optoelectronic semiconductor and device. Research interests focus on high performance photodetector, optoelectronic memristor, multi-mode photodetector etc.
  • Muhib ULLAH
    optomechanical system
  • Paul Chinonso UZOMA
    Material science, Nanocomposite Coatings, Corrosion science and protection
  • Chengwei FAN
    Multidisciplinary Design and Optimization、Blade Tip Timing Measurement Technique、Fluid Mechanics
  • Guo Hao THNG
    Communication and information systems
  • Yue LIU
    Vehicle dynamics control, Driver-Automation shared control, Eco-driving for heavy goods vehicle
  • Fanfan LIN
    application of artificial inteligence in the design of power converters
  • Xinyi HU
    Federated learning theory and optimization for edge intelligent networks
  • Khaled ALKILANE
    Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Transportation Optimization, Deep Learning
  • Yiwen FANG
    snow remote sensing, data assimilation, surface hydrology modeling
  • Zhuoya SIQIN
    Intelligent Regulation Method and Balance Trade Mechanism of Multi-energy Complementation in Low-Carbon Parks Based on Hybrid Driving of Mechanisms and Data
  • Mohamed Adel Mohamed ABDELNAVI
    Reinforced Concrete, Composite Materials, Structural Fatigue Performance, Structural Health Monitoring, Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics, Bamboo Structures
  • Yu DOU
    Magnetic properties testing and modeling of magnetic materials, optimization design of high-frequency transformer vibration performance
  • Ehtisham LODHI
    applying Artificial Intelligence, including both Machine Learning and Deep Learning methodologies, in the field of Renewable Energy
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