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  • General Administration Office
    Xiufang JIN (Echo)
    Acting Deputy Director of Admin Office
    Yi ZHANG (Stephanie)
    Deputy Director of Admin Office
    Yifei SHEN (Bonnie)
    Specialist for Finance
    Ju WANG (Dorothy)
    Assets Management
    Mengyue YU (Joyce)
    Administrative Assistant
  • Academic Affairs Office for Undergraduates
    Fangwei SHAO
    Assistant Dean, Director of Academic Affairs Office for Undergraduate
    Qiang LU
    Assistant Dean
    Tongjiang CAI
    Assistant for teaching affairs
    Ruoqin WANG (Rachel)
    Assistant for Academic Affairs
    Xinran ZHU (Sharon)
    Assistant for teaching affairs
  • Student Affairs Office
    Qian YU (Janet)
    Deputy Director of Student Affairs Office, Tutor for Class of 2026
    Yu LIU (Laron)
    Tutor for class of 2024
    Zechao ZHAO (Lorna)
    Tutor for class of 2025
    Yiying XU (Molly)
    Tutor for graduate students
    Shiwen LI (Nael)
    Genaral Administration
    Wei WANG
    Tutor for Class of 2027
  • Human Resources Office
    Xisha ZHANG (Emma)
    Deputy Director of Human Resources Office
    Xiaoshan GOU (Sara)
    Talent Introduction
  • Teaching Labs Center
    Qingbing XIE
    Deputy Director of Teaching Labs Center
    Huanxin XIA (Bread)
    Lab Engineer (Physics)
    Si LI
    Lab Engineer(ECE)
    Zhejun TANG
    Lab Engineer (EE)
    Hao LI
    Lab Engineer (ME)
    Shilei ZHANG
    Lab Engineer (EE)
    Lei CHEN
    Lab Engineer (CEE)
    Mian PAN
    Lab Engineer (Chemistry)
    Miao HUANG
    Lab Engineer (Chemistry)
  • Scientific Research and Technology Transfer Office
    Qianqian GUO
    Research management
  • Academic Affairs Office for Graduates
    Ying CHEN
    Director of Academic Affairs Office for Graduates
    Ziwei YIN (Heather)
    Assistant for Graduates Affairs
    Yaling WANG
    Assistant for Graduates Affairs
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