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  • Program Overview

    Computer engineering develops students’ understanding of a computer system from top to bottom – from application software to operating systems to hardware and circuits. It prepares students to create the wide array of computing systems and devices that we all use and depend upon every day.


  • Distinctive Characteristics

    A broad and solid foundation of mathematics, and computing skills

    A large degree of flexibility in the curriculum that enables students to pursue topics of interest among the many sub-disciplines in computing


  • Career Prospects

    Graduates will work in all segments of the broad and thriving computer industry, including:

    - software engineering

    - programming

    - computer system architecture

    - microprocessor/hardware design

    - realtime and embedded systems

    - operating systems

    - human machine interfaces

    - artificial intelligence

    - image and speech processing

    - cloud computing and big data


  • Sample Course

    - Introduction to Computing

    - Computer Systems & Programming

    - Computer Systems Engineering

    - Digital Signal Processing

    - Digital Systems Laboratory

    - Applied Parallel Programming

    - Computer Organization and Design

    - Computer Security

    - Distributed Systems

    - Computer Networks