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  • Novelsound Club

    Love sharing, but lack stage? Love broadcasting, but find it hard to find like-minded companions? Love working on a programme, but have no place to show your talent? Looking for an opportunity to master a new skill? Tapping into the potential of discovery and creation? Novelsound@intl.ZJU is just right for you. It's more than broadcasting. Here, you can learn the basic skills of broadcasting, editing and making a programme; you will create your programme with like-minded partners; you can find your own voice. Novelsound@intl.ZJU needs your sharp vision, original opinions, heartfelt wishes, enthusiasm and wonderful voice. Novelsound@intl.ZJU, your customized club.






  • Jihui POITA Animation Art Club

    Everything is art and everything can be art if you have a heart.Welcome to join Jihui POITA Animation Art Club. I hope we can jointly discover and create beauty in life here, and shine the most beautiful glory of the international campus.POITA started from a group of ignorant teenagers who loved animation and art works. Through mutual appreciation and creation, they cultivated warmth and tacit understanding, leaving their own marks.We take interest as the starting point and creation as the goal. Along the way, our ship has attracted friends from different backgrounds.The love of life, enough to melt all barriers.Join us, as long as we do not stop, the road will continue to extend!We will reach where our hearts desire!






  • Cantonese Club

    Cantonese Club is a comprehensive club integrating Cantonese culture promotion, Cantonese-language learning and Cantonese classics appreciation. Here you will experience fantastic Cantonese culture through diverse activities… You will gain rich knowledge of Cantonese and its culture in our regular Cantonese courses even if you start from scratch. You are free to share your favorite Cantonese classics with others at our tea parties or in tweets. You even have the chance to hold a Cantonese culture lecture in our residential college if you are proficient in Cantonese. Cantonese club is not only a language learning club, but a culture communication platform for all Cantonese culture enthusiasts! We are looking forward to your joining!