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  • Chinese Traditional Culture Club

    Our aim: We would inherit Chinese culture essence with a history of five thousand years and expand Chinese elegance of million miles of mountains and rivers. We would bring an international perspective to Sinology and show great Chinese culture to the whole world.

    Chinese Traditional Culture Club@intl.ZJU is a platform for communication, where we enjoy antient Chinese poems, music, chess, calligraphy and painting together, exploring the profound and fascinating world of traditional Chinese culture. Our club now have four departments: Painting and Calligraphy, Chinese traditional clothing, Literature and Propaganda Department. We designated the second weekend of November as the Chinese Traditional Culture Carnival Day in the International Campus of Zhejiang University.

    Just as Hu Shi, a famous Chinese litterateur said, we believe that the future of Sinology will be far better than the past!


  • Fullmoon Culture Club

    It would be one-sided and subjective to find a person to talk about fullmoon culture unilaterally. With the help of @ Shang'an, we found several members of the society to talk about the fullmoon culture in their eyes.

    @Roast duck

    The Utopia of one person does not exist, nor does the Utopia of a group of people. But if you can get together with a group of people, whatever you want, something that doesn't matter, or something that matters. Here and now, this is my Utopia.


    It's a vibrant new community. Its vision is to bring together a group of people who love to think and communicate on any topic of interest without pre-set venues. The spirit of independence, the thought of freedom. Fullmoon is still young and looking forward to its future development.


    I was attracted by the idea in fullmoon's poster, and I like the goal of pure sharing and communication. The characteristic activities of the association, in short, have a sense of literature and art. Ha ha. The president said that this is a utopian community, I feel get that meaning. I feel that this kind of activity design can touch the students who have the desire to communicate with each other.


    Respect every kind of free thought and insist on being an independent person. I write, film and record my story. You can see your temperature through all this. It's full moon if you don't take the normal road!






  • Art Troupe

    Students Art Troupe of Zhejiang University International Campus was founded in 2017, which is one of the first student associations in the campus. It is made up of four departments: Dancing Club, Drama Club, Instrumental Music Club, Chorus. And today the art troupe has become an important place for students to develop their artistic interests and show their artistic expertise. The dancing club and the drama club have performed at a variety of art shows, while the two newly founded clubs, Instrumental Music Club and Chorus, also made their debut at the New Year’s Eve show this year. Moreover, each department will regularly organize trainings and art appreciation activities for all members, allowing students to not only further develop their artistic interests, but also make more like-minded friends.