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  • International Student Committee

    Contact international students and Chinese students to build a colorful and harmonious campus

  • The Residential College (No.1) Student Committee

    The Residential College (No.1) Student Committee of international Campus, Zhejiang University, which also called No.1 RCSC, is the only one student organization of international campus to be placed squarely among eminence in all the student associations. The ideal of flattening has been deeply embedded in order for our fully actualizing the advantage of collegiate system.

    Our club promotes the development of college students' characteristic quality.In order to create a better living and learning environment and cultural atmosphere for Chinese and foreign students, our club leads students to carry out innovative and influential club activities.

    We will present you a wonderful college life, so that you can live up to your youth for four years.






  • Student Branch of Red Cross of International Campus of Zhejiang University

    The student branch of Red Cross of international campus of Zhejiang University is an organization of students officially enrolled in Zhejiang University International Campus, under the leadership and management of the Red Cross of Zhejiang University and the guidance center. Here, we are committed to promoting the Red Cross spirit of humanity, fraternity and dedication, protecting human life and health, and promoting peace and development of the human society. In just one year, the organisation has held many activities, such as blood donation, AIDS prevention awareness campaign, first aid training, letter exchange with primary school students in mountainous areas, COVID-19 science popularization, singing songs in sign language and so on, which have been highly praised by all.




  • The Residential College (No.2) Student Committee

    Student College of International Union College of Zhejiang University (No.2) Student Life Committee2 international union college, zhejiang university students to the academy (2) student life committee adhere to marxism-leninism, MAO zedong thought, deng xiaoping theory and "three represents" important thought, the concept of scientific development and xi new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, to "self education, self management, self service and self supervision" as the goal. It represents the interests of the general hospital birth, reflecting the court business, wholeheartedly servicing the college school students, helping college accommodation adjustment, confliction mediation, cultural construction, student activities and other kinds of transactions. We lead the unit representatives to build a good academy environment, to guide the students to carry out self-cultivation education, and promote cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign students.