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  • Program Overview

    Master Program of Electronic Information aims to cultivate graduates' ability to solve problems by electronic information technology, curriculum is composed of technically frontier courses around data collection, data analysis, information integration, comprehensive control and software/hardware methods. Students are supposed to master cutting-edge technologies in electronic information, such as circuit design, advanced control, artificial intelligence, data science, software design, optimization methods, etc., and become professional and technical personnel with interdisciplinary ability.

  • Distinctive Characteristics

    Characterized by significant interdisciplinary, the curriculum aims at the interdisciplinary integration of popular disciplines such as artificial intelligence, data science, integrated circuit and advanced control. It not only attaches importance to the students' learning of algorithm development and application knowledge, but also emphasize the training of students' design and application ability of hardware technology required in data analysis and system integration.

  • Career Prospects

    IT Giant

    Artificial Intelligence

    Software Development


    Data Analysis

    Intelligent Manufacture


    Financial Service

    Technical Consulting

    System Integration

  • Sample Course

    Artificial Intelligence

    Topics on Image Processing

    Data Science & Analytics

    Optimization Methods

    Mathematical Modeling and Applications in Electronic Information Engineering

    Control Systems

    Computational Electromagnetics

  • Curriculum