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  • Program Overview

    Our program revolves closely around the sustainable development of urban systems, incorporating the ideals of smart cities. It takes into account economic, environmental, and engineering factors, deeply exploring cutting-edge areas such as sustainable transportation, intelligent mobility, and urban ecology. Embracing forefront technologies including autonomous driving, intelligent sensing, and carbon footprint analysis, our goal is to forge an innovative, efficient model for smart cities that will lead urban progress. Uniquely blending principles from urban planning, transportation engineering, and technology integration, our program provides students with a comprehensive grasp of urban sustainability. Through rigorous academic exploration and practical application, students will uncover the intricacies of urban transportation and seize the challenges and opportunities presented in constructing smarter, eco-friendly cities.

  • Distinctive Characteristics

    Conducted entirely in English, our program focuses on multidisciplinary mentorship, harmonizing theory and practice. Our aim is to nurture comprehensive talents equipped with a global perspective and leadership qualities in the realm of urban sustainable development. Emphasis is laid on honing problem-solving skills and fostering innovative thinking. Through hands-on experiences, internships, interdisciplinary courses, and more, students will refine their comprehensive skills, actively contributing to the creation of intelligent, environmentally-conscious cities.

  • Career Prospects

    Graduates will find avenues in diverse sectors, including urban planning, smart transportation, and sustainable development. This encompasses roles within governmental bodies, consulting firms, research institutes, and beyond. By designing intelligent transportation systems and driving sustainable urban growth, they will contribute advanced ideas and practical experience, fostering industry advancement.

  • Sample Course

    Sustainable Urban Systems, Intelligent Transportation and Mobility, Traffic Capacity Analysis, Urban Resource and Environmental Integrated Systems, Intelligent Perception, Traffic Policy Analysis.

  • Curriculum