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ZJUIers Visits Qinshan Nuclear Power Station


Qinshan, the place where Qin Shihuang looked at the sea thousands of years ago. Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, the first nuclear power plant in mainland China. Located in Zhejiang sea salt, ancient because of salt famous.

Why visit a nuclear power plant? Nuclear power, for me, has always been a mystery; In high school, I subscribed to science World for one year, and one issue was themed on national energy, which introduced in detail the development of various types of energy in China and the relationship between energy and economy. Although I don't remember the knowledge and data, I have a strong feeling when I mention energy, because it is closely related to the development of the country. I spent more than an hour looking up some information the night before and the morning of the departure. Although I was a little confused about the complex principle of the nuclear power plant component structure, I had at least some knowledge about the current nuclear power development situation -- the handling of the problems left over from Fukushima and the development and construction of China's nuclear power plants.




It takes 35 minutes to get to Qinshan nuclear power station from Haining campus. On a visit to the exhibition hall, four phases of the project are being built around The Qinshan mountain. The first phase is now mainly used for research related to nuclear power plants, such as upgrades from pressurised water reactors to heavy water reactors. Speaking of scientific research, the Neutrino Laboratory at the Chinese Academy of Sciences is located under the Daya Bay nuclear power plant. Neutrinos travelling through the earth's interior are expected to improve communication efficiency, which is exciting. The third phase is china-Canada cooperation, with two visits by the Canadian Prime Minister. Use a heavy water reactor, gravity is stronger, the uranium concentration required by a few percent per cent down to zero before a few - are also worried that China's early nuclear development, on the one hand help the Soviet union, on the one hand, be afraid of the American bombing, mining in the western inland nuclear fuel, so now the east coast so many nuclear power plants, transportation inconvenience - originally a year just a truck uranium; The frequency of component replacement has also declined. On a sand table, rows of homes outside the plant walls reflect the true safety of the nuclear industry -- radiation levels in a year are lower than those experienced by a single flight from here to Beijing, according to data available on the China National Nuclear Corporation website. It also describes uranium, which used to have very little radioactivity. "When uranium was mined, the workers offered it to Chairman MAO, holding it in their hands." Nuclear reactors, containment vessels, and so on.



Speaking of containment vessels, enthusiastic workers explain the safety issues at the Fukushima nuclear power plant as an example. "The difference between fukushima and China's current nuclear power plants is like a tractor versus an armored vehicle." There is no containment at fukushima. The Fukushima accident was both natural and man-made: the earthquake zone should not have built nuclear power stations -- the power was turned off by the earthquake, the diesel power was turned off by the tsunami; In those golden 24 hours, emergency measures could have been taken to cool the plant with seawater, but the fukushima plant belonged to Tokyo Electric Power Company, and the private companies were unwilling to bear the huge economic losses caused by the cooling of seawater, coupled with the death squads' unwillingness to leave when the impact of the accident was not widespread, finally caused disaster. In China, first of all, the safety technology leading, nuclear power plant site safety; Secondly, as both CNIL and CGN are state-owned enterprises, operators can conduct correct operations without being influenced by selfish interests when danger occurs.




In the one-to-one simulated operation room of the nuclear power plant, we hear about the glory and toil of the operators of the central operation room -- the so-called "golden men" whose education is as valuable as gold; The theoretical knowledge books piled up half a person high, to participate in the theory exam as long as eight hours, no time to stop writing, write off two pens. Even accept the psychological examination, because the real operation, to judge the extent of emergency danger, if the serious accident lenient treatment, the consequences unimaginable; If you overhandle an ordinary accident and shut down the machine once, you can't restart it for two or three days-nuclear power plants produce 20 or 30 billion a year-a fraction of a billion dollars. The same high-pressure jobs pay less than a third of a fighter pilot's salary.

A simple command to "turn this knob four times to the right" is given, and the operator dictates the order to the supervisor, who then completes the task. Double protection in case of mistakes.

Drove around the mountain visited the location of each phase of the nuclear power plant on talking about why China nuclear industry developing, proportion of nuclear power is so low, seventy percent of the French national electricity supplied by nuclear power, China is less than two percent -- the reason: the energy structure, national quality - fear of nuclear power, tax policy, tax returns, the province neighbouring unwilling to bear the same pressure without taxes, surrounding residents welfare -- French nuclear power plants have all kinds of infrastructure construction, residents subsidies and so on.

Last but not least, the offshore nuclear power plant to be built near Hainan will be able to supply electricity to the islands and reefs in the South China Sea, and the personnel related to national defense will be able to stay there for a long time. It is really admirable to hear that nuclear power is closely related to national rights and interests. In addition, offshore nuclear plants are two small reactors, which use the same safety measures as large-scale nuclear plants, greatly improving the safety factor.

Taking part in such activities is a rewarding way to shift one's perspective from one's own eyes, or from the long history of biological evolution, to the state of the nation.