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Civil Engineering Investigation Documentary | Booming Hangzhou Subway Construction

On November 18th, it is the time for our zjui-CEE students to go out for field visit. This time, our visit place is the zijingang-Sanba Village station of Hangzhou Metro, Which is closely related to our major, and the phase I project of Yile Road Station. I have to say, for the civil engineering majors, it was quite a memorable and meaningful trip, even exaggerated, it could be described as a romantic trip. As famous writer Haruki Murakami wrote in his autobiography my Career as a Novelist: "I'm still writing novels, and I'm happy about it. As to the rest, we'll see later." The fact that we civil engineering students were able to actually visit the construction site of a huge project was a joy in itself.




After an hour or so of jolting, we first arrived at the construction site of the Hangzhou subway's Zinjinggang-Sanba Village station. The students were warmly welcomed here by the staff and wore hard hats with the word "VIP" on them, which is not a great honor. (Laughter) When we put on our hard hats, it was as if we had suddenly changed from ignorant freshmen to real civil engineers. We were all ready to have a good look at the site. Through the introduction of the staff, we know that the subway construction in Hangzhou now adopts the subway shield freezing method and the stratum reinforcement construction method. Freezing method is a special construction method that uses artificial refrigeration technology to turn the water in the stratum into ice, change the natural soil into frozen soil, increase its strength and stability, isolate the connection between groundwater and underground structure, so as to carry out excavation under the protection of freezing curtain. It has many advantages, such as good flexibility, high strength, good uniformity, good water isolation, and little influence on the surrounding environment, etc., which provide strong technical support for Hangzhou, whose soil conditions are not excellent.




But the most intriguing of the sites is the shield machine. Shield tunneling machine can be said to be the biggest hero of the modern tunnel construction, it is the crystallization of the super engineering machinery and wisdom, full of a construction machinery has the courage. Strictly speaking, it is a comprehensive equipment with multiple functions in one, which integrates all the functions of excavation, excavation, support, grouting and guidance in the process of tunnel construction. We also had the opportunity to enter the large shield machine internal to visit us from an game "Tom clancy: throughout the blockade after the revelation in the style of the tunnel, a route of shield machine in the structure of all kinds of interesting facilities, eventually came to shield machine main control center, it is a pity of shield machine's shield body parts are still buried in the soil, so it is difficult to directly observed.



Next, we came to the first phase of Yile Road station. Different from the previous project, the station construction here is still in the stage of site construction. Through the introduction of relevant personnel, we understand that the whole project adopts the open-cut construction technology, which, as a common method for the construction of underground engineering, has the advantages of many operation surfaces, fast speed, short construction period, easy to guarantee the quality of the project, low project cost and so on. What is interesting is that when earthwork is excavated to the stratified position, steel pipe support or soil nail wall should be applied in time. Now this project has just completed the floor, and we can see the steel pipes scattered in the pit everywhere, which is also an engineering wonder.

At the end of the trip, we still took a photo with the professor and the staff as usual, and our romantic trip came to a successful conclusion.