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Discipline Competition
Date:31/12/2020Author: admin
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In recent years, students of ZJUI have taken an active part in relevant competitions of domestic and foreign disciplines. Materials including ICRA2018 international Conference on robots and automation software challenge, American college students' Mathematical Modeling Contest (Mathematical Contest in Modeling), the national undergraduate robot Contest RoboMaster mecha masters, the United States Pacific division in ASCE competition of civil engineering, ASCE Mid - Pacific Student Conference), the national college students' mathematics competition, the national college students' big data analysis and mining competition, the Chinese translation Contest ( CHINA WRITTEN TRANSLATION CONTEST), national University innovation challenge English comprehensive ability, University of Illinois Undergraduate Essay CONTEST, the teachers and students in colleges and universities across the Taiwan straits civil engineering monitoring and control seminar student Essay competition, international college student dragon boat invitational tournament concrete, zhejiang University "zhongtian cup" competition structure design, zhejiang University college "Tucson future cup" collegiate programming CONTEST, Zhejiang University energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Social Practice and Science and Technology Competition, the participants covered all grades, and won more than 60 or 70 awards.