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  • Surge Football Club

    Here is Surge Football Club, our goal is to build a convenient platform for football lovers in the campus, on which we can appoint day-to-day games and organize matches. Meanwhile, we expect that the activities we organized can further enhance sports atmosphere in the campus and show the charm of football. Members of the club also actively participate in the school's competitions. In the Sanhao Cup in 2019, we beat strong opponent and won the championship.

    Here you can make friends with the ball and gain friendship. We not only play football together in our spare time to improve our skills, but also watch exciting game and chat with each other. In the International Campus, you can also use football as a link to enhance the communication with foreign friends. The aim of our club is "to link the world's multi cultures with football". Surge Football Club is looking forward to your joining!











  • Tennis Club

    The International Campus Student Tennis Club, a club dedicated to the better development of tennis culture on the International Campus, adheres to the principles of unity, friendship, hard work, mutual assistance and progress, and provides a broad platform for communication for many students interested in tennis on the International Campus. The club uses tennis as a medium to build bridges between different grades, different regions and different countries on the International Campus, so that more students can be exposed to tennis, get to know tennis, and thus love tennis and make friends with tennis. By joining our club, you will not only improve your tennis skills and abilities, but also enrich your spare time life, making friends on the tennis court, sweating and understanding the meaning of cooperation. We hope that more students will enjoy and love tennis through our efforts and enthusiasm.

  • Badminton Club

    Badminton Club@intl.ZJU is a platform offering to its members for meeting new friends and strengthening physical health. We uphold the spirit of being proactive and enterprising and try to make the club great. We plan to organize two campus-wide activities every academic year, aiming at providing students with opportunities to demonstrate their personal abilities and helping freshmen make friends with others and integrate them with the International Campus. Not only will you get a chance to get acquainted with experienced members of the Badminton Club in the activities organized by them, but you may also meet some excellent players among the faculty. The process in which you play badminton with them will help you improve your skills and expand your interpersonal circle. If you love playing badminton and you are willing to find some friends of the same interest, the Badminton Club welcomes you to join.






  • Basketball Club

    Take the big ball sport as the bond, connects the world multi-culture

  • Fitness Food Club

    There are two things in the world to live up to:

    Get fit -- you need it!!

    Yummy - you want it!!

    Zhejiang University International Campus fitness food club can always meet your need!!

    Health department consists of four high quality fitness courses. Yoga helps you keep your shape and enhance the flexibility. The sixth generation of yong chun quan teach our members sanda, also teach you how to effectively resist the sex maniac in the women's self-defense class. Spinning is a joyful fat slimming action, so come and be happy with exercising!!!!!!!!!

    The food department cooperates with the campus canteen and dessert shop irregularly to provide opportunities for people to make food by themselves, such as Xuemei Niang, Mango Class halberd, Tiramisu...We have all kinds of heat bombs, and you can send them to your sweetheart!

    Keep fit and have fun!

    Healthy food club is looking forward to having fun with you!