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  • Model United Nation Club

    Our group adhere to the purposes and principles of the UN charter, carry out to other global or regional multilateral organizations, the government, international forum or simulation, and other series of model United Nations conference activities, assist international campus of Zhejiang university students learn about the United Nations and the international situation, to help the students to show individual ability, cultivate team spirit, improve negotiation skills and foreign language power of expression, eager to contribute to international campus of Zhejiang university students from all over the world's exchanges and cooperation.


  • Astronomy Club

    The Student Astronomy Club of Zhejiang University International Campus, founded in 2016, is one of the oldest societies of the international campus. There are 17 secretaries and more than 100 members. Our association consists of the organization department, the publicity department and the equipment department. Adhering to the original intention of "infinite sky, endless exploration", the club has carried out diversified activities. Lectures on astronomical knowledge and astronomical observation activities are held regularly. There are 1 to 2 outdoor stargazing activities in every academic year. In addition, the Student Astronomy Club offers telescope rentals for students on international campus, subscribes the Amateur Astronomer magazine for members, and organizes planetarium and museum Tours. The Student Astronomy Club has close contact with the Student Union and the community guidance center, and has many exchange activities with the volunteer Department, the Art Society, the National Society and the Astronomy Club of Zijingang Campus. If you are interested in celestial events and colorful activities, you may wish to join the International Campus astronomical Society and become a little prince among roaming stars.

  • Isomer English Club

    Isomer English Club @intl.ZJU organizes various activities to let Chinese and foreign students better understand Chinese culture, providing a new platform for students to learn and communicate, largely narrowing cultural differences.

    If you feel that your oral English is not so good and want to improve it, or you, just desire for a chance to show your excellent oral English, please do not hesitate, come and join us. Our regular “language Night” meetings are your home ground which help you gain confidence and become cultural speakers. As for poetry appreciation, Rock and Roll history, which will let you admire the charm of cultural integration in the collision of thinking; Moreover, romance in short words “The love between three lines”, passionate dubbing competition, the mystery of language will let you indulge in it. Our club has a profound influence and a mature publicity mode of public account, we are waiting for your passion and vitality. In the future, Isomer English club will be with you to provide a broader platform of language and cultural exchange for students of the International Campus.

  • MIC Maker Club

    Basic positioning

    MIC Maker Club of Zhejiang University is a student association under the leadership of the Youth League Committee of Zhejiang University International Campus. It is composed of many students who love makers and yearn for innovation.MIC, "M" -- Maker, "I" -- Innovator, "C" -- Creater.We take "creation is bound, guest league trendy" for the purpose of the core, committed to to build the students integrated innovation thinking, problem solving and incubation results exchange learning innovation platform, to provide rich learning practice opportunities for students, break the shackles of the campus of bureau be confined to, foreign exchanges and cooperation actively, strive to do big, do, make a new.More and more policy support and successful precedents make us know clearly that the era of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" has come, and the wave of college students' entrepreneurship is unstoppable.As the first innovation club in Haining Campus of Zhejiang University, MIC Maker will actively carry forward the spirit of "keeping up with The Times, lighting up, actively innovating and starting our own business", and strive to make every creative idea from everyone come true.

    Club  resources

    MIC Maker will do its best to provide creative students with the three-dimensional help of brainstorming, professional guidance and equipment support for multiple integration.We have the best mentor, dean ZJUI Ma Hao teacher, we have the most timely information - community BBS, the public, and guest information exchange platform, we have the most abundant training, teacher training lectures, competition, we have the most opportunity to let you do -- college students' innovation contest and so on many big games, we have the most advanced hardware - "3 d" printer equipment support, we have...

    Club main

    Today's MIC maker community is mainly divided into two main lines.One is to participate in on-campus and off-campus competitions related to innovation and makers;On the other hand, it provides learning and practice opportunities for club members and other students with innovative aspirations. Teachers from inside and outside the school are invited to hold lectures to enrich knowledge, improve ability, cultivate innovation and profound knowledge, and cultivate students' thinking ability and social skills, so that students can understand the necessary skills before entering the society.


    MIC Maker club of The International Campus of Zhejiang University welcomes you to join the MIC Maker Club of Zhejiang University.

  • Xingzhong Society

    The international Campus Branch of Xi Jinping Theory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, Zhejiang University (also known as "Xingzhong Society") aims to cultivate patriotism and social responsibility.

    Organize daily study, get to know the latest socialist theoretical knowledge about the Party and the country, participate in social practice, go to the grass-roots level, visit on the spot and feel the current development situation of China, so as to make Suggestions and contributions from my own perspective.

    Since its establishment, The Society has organized various activities, including issuing the report of the 19th National Congress (English Version) and Xi Jinping's "Governance of China" to foreign students, visiting South Lake in Jiaxing, the site of the First Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Shanghai, theoretical study seminar and so on, which have aroused great response and been recognized by both the university and the university.