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Students From ZJUI Met with Robot Teams in Yuquan Laboratory
Date:15/01/2018 Article:Chengyue Wang, Zhi Cen Photo:Jiong Chen

In the interest of achieving good scores in the RobotMaster Competition this May, students from team of ZJUI-Insouled went to the Yuquan campus of Zhejiang University and had a meeting with students there.

In the morning, students from ZJUI first went to the Institute of Control Science & Engineering and visited the team of ZjuNlict, who were preparing for the RoboCup Competition. Those small but exquisite football robots excited the students. Upperclassmen removed the shell and showed students the circuit structure inside of their robots. They answered our students’ questions and shared their valuable experiment for competition with our students.

In the afternoon, the students from ZJUI came to the Institute of Information & Electric Engineering and had a meeting with team of Hello World, who were also preparing for RoboMaster Competition. The captain, Xiang Zhou, shared their experience in all aspects of the team; history, organization structure, process of checking and accepting, current schedule, etc. Taking this opportunity, students from ZJUI observed the primary infantry robot closely and watched how the robot shoots the shells. They were so engaged and asked the upperclassmen a lot of questions. The atmosphere of the interactions was very harmonious and warm.

From this trip, students from ZJUI have a deeper understanding of the competition. With the guidance of upperclassmen, our students are more confident to innovate and deal with the challenge. ZJUI hopes that the students can be persistent and face this difficulty with great courage!