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The First Open Day Of 2018 ZJUI’s Four Great Advantages That Attract Students To Apply
Date:22/01/2018 Article: Photo:

The rainy weather could not block the enthusiasm of the students and parents participating in the open day activities at the International Campus, Zhejiang University. On January 21st, more than 200 prospective students, along with their parents, arrived at the International Campus, and participated in the first campus open day of 2018.         

The Zhejiang University International Campus Assistant Dean, and Director of the Academic Affairs department Zhou Jinqi, gave a report introducing the current status of the International Campus. Dean Ouyang Hongwei of ZJE, Executive Dean Sue Welburn, Dean Li Erping of ZJUI and Executive Dean Philip Krein of ZJUI also gave speeches discussing the characteristics of their own professions, training mode, industry background, placement prospects and more. Wang Dong, the Director of Undergraduates Admissions of Zhejiang University, shared this year’s enrollment policies with the parents of the high-school students. Apart from this, the Dean of International Campus, Zhejiang University Prof. He Lianzhen, the Associate Dean of Zhejiang University International Campus K.C. Ting and all the other deans from the respective institutes, the Director of Undergraduates Admissions of Zhejiang University, along with the Director of the Academic Affairs department communicated face to face with all the students and their parents, answering all questions with patience. On this open day, ZJUI Institute set up a reception desk, displaying the curriculum projects and a robot which participated in a competition in close range, giving the parents a chance to have a deliberate insight of the rich innovation of the ZJUI students, and to actually feel the cultivating characteristics of ZJUI.

The elite educational philosophy and its characteristics, attracted many students and their parents.


Full Depth Cooperation of Two Strong Universities     With an Advantage on Dual Degrees Offer

Zhejiang University and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (abbreviated as UIUC below) cooperate in full depth, exploring and establishing a new mode of international cooperation in higher education. Every semester, UIUC sends senior faculty to teach the ZJUI students, and the quality of education at ZJUI Institute is evaluated periodically to ensure the quality is consistent. When ZJUI students are enrolled, their student status is registered at both Zhejiang University and UIUC. After successful completion of studies, students will get two separate degrees, one from ZJU and one from UIUC, which establishes a solid foundation for future development of the students.



Combining the Best Subjects of Both Universities     Providing a 21st Century Innovative Engineering Education

ZJUI is offering four degree programs in 2018, including Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering. The four programs are the best and strongest programs in both ZJU and UIUC. Zhejiang University achieved an A in all four programs at the 2017 subject assessment by Ministry of Education, China. And for UIUC, all four programs are certificated by ABET, with Civil Engineering ranked first, Computer Engineering ranked fourth, Electrical Engineering and Automation ranked fifth, and Mechanical Engineering ranked sixth in U.S. The ZJUI Institute establishes an interdisciplinary training system to encourage multidisciplinary integration of knowledge, cross-cooperation, and is aimed at training students with global vision, easily adapting to the new economy and technology with great innovative talents. The four programs are all faced at the future society and the hot topics in the engineering field, focused on cultivating innovative elites with cross-disciplinary background.


An International Program     Helps Students Open The Door To The World

The UIUC cultivating programs features UIUC's advanced experience and practices in education. Teamwork, interdisciplinary education; design and projects are distributed throughout the teaching with an emphasis on learning, practice, and creation. The ability to innovate, to invent, to start entrepreneurship; the various extracurricular activities help to develop these leadership traits. With the use of procedural evaluation, emphasizing teaching and student self-learning, all ZJUI students can enjoy a world-class university education.


Based on First-class Campus Facilities     Always student-oriented

The International campus is a brand-new campus, providing first-class hardware facilities to both the students and the faculty, and the campus supporting team also provides a full range of logistics support services for all faculty and students. The teaching system and service platform are all world-class university mainstream products. The International campus  also relies on whole-person education at the residential college, building a tutor system in the residential college, exploring the model of whole-person education and the convergence of Chinese and International students management. The Residential College encourages all students to play a main role in building a common campus culture. Through student community activities, the leadership ability and social skills of students are cultivated to promote the all-round development of students.



Professor Li Erping, dean of ZJUI, making a report "Innovative Education in The New Engineering Of The 21st Century”



Professor Philip Krein, Executive Director of ZJUI, delivering a report titled " ZJU and UIUC Partnering to Educate the Next Generation of Creative Engineers."



Prof. He Lianzhen, Dean of the International Campus, answering the questions of parents.



ZJUI Vice President Ma Hao, patiently answering questions for parents 



ZJUI Dean Li Erping answering questions for parents 



The ZJUI Administration team accepting consultation 



A team named Innovate.init displaying a soft robot




Students displaying ECE110 course project



The ZJUI exhibition on campus open day