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The International Engineering Cross Innovation Teaching Labs of ZJUI were approved as Provincial Key Construction Teaching Demonstration Labs.
Date:10/03/2023 Article:Zhang Shilei, Xie Qingbing Photo:Zhang Yi



Recently, the Department of Education of Zhejiang Province announced the list of Provincial Key Construction Teaching Demonstration Labs and Provincial Off-campus Practical Education Bases for General Colleges and Universities in the "14th Five-Year Plan." Seven teaching labs of Zhejiang University were selected, and the International Engineering Cross Innovation Teaching Labs (hereinafter referred to as the "Labs") of Zhejiang University-University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (ZJUI) were approved. In the experimental teaching, the labs pay attention to the innovation consciousness and engineering interdisciplinary, cultivate innovative students who can face the hot engineering fields of the future society with interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary knowledge background.


Since its establishment, the labs have built 33 teaching laboratories with an area of about 5500 ㎡ and complete experimental supporting facilities. At present, they have more than 2000 experimental teaching equipment with a value of more than 50 million yuan. The instrument configuration conforms to the mainstream direction of relevant disciplines, and a variety of instrument resource sharing platforms have been established to adapt to and meet the international first-class teaching and research level. The software and hardware configuration of the labs can fully meet the needs of carrying out innovative research and cultivating high-level students. The labs offer about 30 experimental courses and 241 experimental projects every year, and construct a three-stage, project-oriented student training model from basic experiments, comprehensive experiments to innovative experiments. To promote the vigorous development of ZJUI students' extracurricular scientific and technological innovation activities, the labs actively expand its service functions, implement the laboratory opening system, and help students improve their practical ability.






ZJUI will take this opportunity to strengthen the construction of the teaching labs, further clarify the construction ideas, improve the operation and management mechanism, promote the reform of experimental teaching, improve the academic achievements and service level of members of the labs, and will exhibit the role of the provincial teaching demonstration labs. In the future, the labs will focus on the “14th Five-Year Plan,” make full efforts to promote and implement, ensure the completion of all the work of the teaching labs in a high standard, high level, and high quality, and contribute to constructing International Collaborative Education Model.