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The forum of Urban Energy Internet Development and Cooperation Under the Goal of Achieving Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Carbon Neutrality was held successfully
Date:17/07/2021 Reporter:Stephanie; Translator | YE, QIanhe ZHANG,Shilei Li,Chushan Cameraman:Stephanie, ZHANG Shilei, YANG Lichao



On July 16th, in order to further implement the major decision and Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality, lead the energy transformation development, industrial upgrading, and strengthen academic exchanges in various related fields, the forum of Urban Energy Internet Development and Cooperation Under the Goal of Achieving Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Carbon Neutrality, jointly organized by Zhejiang University- University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Institute(ZJUI), was held in the International Campus, Zhejiang University (IC).  The forum attracted special guests from Tsinghua University, Xi 'an Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University and other universities. More than 200 experts and scholars, including the leaders of key new energy enterprises and the technical elites of the industry, participated in this forum.  Prof.QIU Aici, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and honorary Dean of the School of Electrical Engineering of Xi 'an Jiaotong University, Mr. CAO Guoliang, Secretary of the Haining Municipal Committee of the CPC, and representatives of faculty in related fields of ZJUI attended the forum.  The forum consists of the opening ceremony, the keynote speech, and the sub-forum.  Mr.PU Xinda, Executive Vice Mayor of Haining, presided over the opening ceremony and Prof.MA Hao, Vice Dean of ZJUI, presided over the keynote speech. 


Mr.CAO Guoliang introduced Haining's advanced practices in energy development, Haining's regional advantages and its superior business environment in his speech.  Prof.LI Erping, Vice Dean of the IC,ZJU, warmly welcomed the guests and introduced the basic situation of ZJU and the International Campus, especially its outstanding steps in sustainable development and the progress of carbon neutrality and carbon peaking.  Mr.DUAN Jun, General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary of State Grid Jiaxing Power Supply Company, said that we should hold the important opportunity to break through the conventional energy system, build a platform of joint construction, and build a safe and diversified energy supply system. 


Prof.QIU Aici presented a keynote speech from the "carbon neutrality & emission peak" target with the challenges of energy transformation, challenges of power system during energy transformation, development trend of resilient power system, etc, revealing the roadmap of development of the power system under "carbon neutrality and carbon peaking" target. She pointed out that high proportion of renewable energy generation will be the main norm in the future, and new technologies will be needed to ensure the safe operation of the power system. In order to build a new type of power system with new energy as the mainstay and achieve the goal of carbon neutrality, we need to enhance the flexibility at all levels including source, grid, charge, and storage.  She said that the resilient power system is one of the most important means to ensure the safe operation of the new power system in the future, which has important strategic and practical significance. It requires the gathering of multiple forces, interdisciplinary convergence, and joint efforts to overcome difficulties and promote development. 


Prof.WEI Wei, Vice President of Zhejiang University City College and Executive Vice President of Polytechnic Institute of Zhejiang University, elaborated the development trend and challenges of high-proportion renewable energy grid, the national key layout in the field of renewable energy, and the countermeasures of renewable energy grid and main power grid in the keynote report.  He pointed out that we should strengthen the regulation of renewable energy and low carbon and improve the stability of the power system dominated by renewable energy. He said that novel energy storage technologies should be developed vigorously to achieve the breakthroughs in power and capacity energy storage technologies. 


Dr.SHI Jingli, researcher of the Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, introduced the development of new energy under the situation of "carbon neutrality and carbon peaking" from the perspectives of strategic goals, development situation and policy interpretation. she pointed out that it is necessary to establish a multi-guarantee mechanism for grid connection and expand the application fields and scenarios of new energy power and renewable energy power. 


Prof.GAO Feng, Vice Dean of the Energy Internet Research Institute of Tsinghua University, said in his keynote speech that we should make use of Internet thinking to open up new forms of energy Internet business, and rely on systematic thinking to realize multiple energy coordination and energy storage sharing, as well as centralized and distributed collaboration. The construction of the new type of power system must be led by scientific and technological innovation, through "technology + mechanism" to promote the development of energy Internet, lead the construction of a new type of power system. 


Mr.ZHENG Houqing, deputy chief engineer of State Grid Energy Research Institute Co., Ltd. elaborated the key issues of the construction of new power system assisted by energy digital economy from the digital perspective.  He stressed that the energy digital economy is the core driving force behind the construction of new power systems. The construction of new power system should be promoted from five key directions-"power + computing power promotes infrastructure integration", "digital transformation promotes enterprise business  upgrading", "energy big data center promotes data value release", "energy digital products promote market integration development " and "energy digital technology promotes institutional innovation". 


Mr.ZHANG Jian, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Development and Reform Commission of Jiaxing City, delivered a keynote speech at the conference, introducing the foundation and goals of Jiaxing's economic and social development, as well as the practice and exploration of Jiaxing's energy development and urban energy Internet construction. He pointed out that under the situation of carbon and energy "double control", it is imperative to deal with climate change and promote Carbon Peaking. Jiaxing will further improve its political standing and unswervingly take the road of low-carbon and high-quality development by encouraging and supporting the development of low-carbon economy, building urban energy Internet, and stepping up efforts to shut down outdated production facilities. 


After the keynote speech session, "Energy Transformation and Development of Emerging Industries", "Theoretical Research and Practice of New Power Systems", and "Demand Side Low Carbon Path under the Background of New Power Systems" three sub-forums were held.  Guests and scholars discussed the research progress and industrial development through in-depth communication.