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Electrical Engineering Investigation Documentary|Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Visit

On Saturday, November 18, the students of grade 17 electrical engineering of ZJUI Union College gathered at the gate of the academy at 8 a.m. and drove to visit the qinshan Nuclear Power Plant science and Technology Museum, which is located in Haiyan County and known as "the glory of the nation". Under the narrator detailed explanation, the students visited the exhibition hall in turn "the road of China's nuclear power", the song of the "builders", "the future of nuclear power", "nuclear harmonic homes", qinshan nuclear power plant for a period to three periods of development, countless builders pioneers great contribution to China's nuclear business, understand the current status of qinshan nuclear power and even had the opportunity to see the first piece of uranium ore was found.






Subsequent visit freely, the students in different location in the awareness of the development history of China's nuclear power, distribution of the current domestic nuclear power plants, nuclear power and thermal power, wind, geothermal and other several main way of generating and its working principle, the nuclear workers daily work processes, and radiation to the environment and the influence of the human body, how to isolate radiation. The students watched the amazing sand table performance, experienced the principles of generator, isotope separation and other procedures through the interesting experiments designed in the exhibition hall, learned about historical celebrities, and watched the short film of nuclear radiation knowledge popularization. The final section, "Radiation effects," tells us that nuclear power plant radiation is not scary, and that it is only a small fraction of the natural cosmic radiation that humans are exposed to. So there is no need to fear nuclear power.




Through this visit, the students have increased their knowledge about nuclear power and understood the basic principles of nuclear power. In addition, the exhibition hall also introduces a variety of ways to generate electricity, which opens up students' vision, and at the same time makes students have a further understanding of electricity, which is helpful for students to study their professional courses in the future. Through this activity, the students benefited a lot.