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Field visit | ZJUI EE1801 Students Visited Jianshan Power Distribution Demonstration Project


On November 30, under the guidance of tutor Li Chusha ,EE1801 students of ZJUI went to Haining Jianshan district of jianshan sub-station study Tours. As the core project of jiaxing city energy Internet comprehensive pilot project, Jianshan active distribution network marks that the research on "network source charge storage" of power system in China has made new substantial progress. Jianshan power Distribution Station, as the hub unit of the power grid, undertakes major responsibilities such as rectifier and inverter, power distribution, emergency on-off and power flow treatment at the grid-user interaction end, and is also the technical core of intelligent active power distribution network.




The students had a general understanding of the function of Jianshan power station in the explanation given by the staff of the power distribution station. Li Chushan, the class tutor, knew that although he was a student majoring in electricity, he knew little about power electronic technology, so he explained in detail the difficulties of the construction of active new energy distribution network for us. With the most simple theory, Mr. Li started with the power return flow of new energy at the user end, then talked about the harmonic distortion rate, the necessity of electric field storage module, and finally talked about the difficulties and solutions of DC power outage, giving the students a third class of power electronics system.




Wearing the red hat of "State Grid" and shuttling among the roaring engine rooms, the students were deeply impressed by the complexity and subtlety of Jianshan power distribution Station. At this event, some people may have secretly decided to devote themselves to grid work in the future, and contribute to the automation of power supply and intelligent distribution in China.

Energy is one of the important disciplines of electrical engineering and automation. This activity provides students with an opportunity to learn about the future development through visiting the Jianshan Active power distribution demonstration project. In the future, the school will also continue to provide students with more practical opportunities to learn about other disciplines.