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Center for Power Internet of Things

1) Main Research Topics:

1.       Device Level Research

a)     Smart sensing technology for Power Internet of Things

b)     Next generation power device packaging for high efficient power conversion

c)     Multi-physics modeling of power device, thermal/cooling device, magnetic components to enable more reliable and efficient design

2.       Circuit Level Research

a)     High efficient wireless power transfer

b)     High density power conversion for renewable generation, electrified transportation, Data centers, etc.

c)     Power converters to enhance the flexibility of urban energy systems

Fig.1 (a) Modeling and optimization of magnetic components (b) Compact design of power converter in electrified transportation system

3.       System Level Research

a)     Intelligent sensing and decision making for resilient urban energy systems

b)     Decentralised real-time control for intelligent and resilient urban energy systems

c)     Resilience and fault management for urban energy systems


2) Key members

1.       Philip Krein

2.       Hao Ma

3.       Chushan Li

4.       Ong Wee Liat

3) Typical research projects

1.       NSFC-UKRI_EPSRC Project: Interactive Operation and Resilient Control to Support Power Electronics Based Smart Urban Energy Systems

2.       NSFC Project: Researches on Topology Derivation Method and Composited Frequency Modulation Technology for Multi-Material-Devices based Multilevel Converter

3.       Industrial Project: MV/LV isolated power conversion subsystem validation

4.       Industrial Project: Subsea High Voltage DC power conversion