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Date: 12/25/2020

(1) How do candidates confirm their major?
Comprehensive evaluation of enrollment directly admitted to the major.
General university undergraduate batch admission candidates before admission to confirm the major, choose three of the four majors, to ensure the confirmation of one.
(2) What requirements does Union College have for the English proficiency of the candidates?
United College adopts all-English teaching, which requires students to have relatively high English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. There is no mandatory requirement for students' English scores in the college entrance examination. Intensive English training will be organized before the semester starts.
(3) Enter oneself for an examination union college exam score can be a few lower?
Union College and Zhejiang University with the same score admission, candidates need to reach zhejiang University in the local transfer line, may be admitted.
(4) What will the students of Union College do after graduation?
Most of the graduates will choose to continue their studies in first-class universities abroad, pursuing master's or doctor's degrees. Some of them can also go to graduate schools or other universities. The main direction of employment is research and teaching units, multinational companies and institutions.