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Leaders of Zhejiang University communicated with ZJUI Class
Date:25/02/2020 Article:anonymity Photo:anonymity

On February 24, Zhejiang University opened its classes in a comprehensive way. Ren Shaobo, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang University, and Wu Zhaohui, President of Zhejiang University came to the online teaching command Center to learn about the new semester.ZJUI class has also become one of the attending classes and is listened to remotely by school leaders.The excellent English teaching, the fascinating professional content, the lively and dripping course rhythm, and the smooth and high-speed network environment together create an excellent listening experience, attracting the admiration of the "listening group" teachers on the scene.




The scene of school leaders attend lectures remotely


This is the first time ZJUI has offered a Biosensor. This course is a typical interdisciplinary course created by Professor Brian T. Cunningham of UIUC combining his own scientific research and entrepreneurial experience. It has been offered for more than ten years and has been highly praised. This semester, the course is co-taught by Assistant professor And researcher Huan Hu and UIUC professor Cunningham. Professor Cunningham is an IEEE fellow, AAAS Fellow, and has established several biosensor companies in the field.


This course integrates the principle and application of sensors with the basic background knowledge of biology and chemistry, aiming to provide engineering students with a solid knowledge of biosensors, lay a foundation for future research on biosensors, and provide students with thinking and possibilities to broaden their future study directions. The core advantage of this course is that it is a combination of theory and application, and many of the examples are real examples of drug screening, disease surveillance, and help students put what they have learned to use. In addition, this course also instructs each student to write an application for a scientific research project similar to the opportunity of in-depth exchange and integration, collision of interdisciplinary research sparks. Article, including topic selection, background research, innovation points, feasibility demonstration, formulation of scientific research plan and a whole set of contents. It provides hands-on help for students to carry out scientific research and write applications for scientific projects in the future.


The first course is currently only available for senior students in ZJUI. In the future, it is also envisaged to expand the scope of courses and add experiments and other links, so that different majors such as engineering and biomedicine will have more