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Assistant Professor Wei Liu won the Best Paper Award at RoomVent 2018
Date:11/09/2018 Article:匿名 Photo:匿名

Recently, Liu Wei, an assistant professor at ZJUI Joint institution, was awarded the "Best Paper Award" at RoomVent 2018.The conference was held at Espoo Aalto University in Finland on June 2 to 5.RoomVent is an international conference hosted by ASREA (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) to discuss new technologies and ventilation strategies for low energy consumption, passive homes and zero-emission buildings, as well as energy-efficient ventilation in the built environment.


The winning paper was "Application of a New Infrared Imaging Technique in the Diagnosis of Air Percolation in Buildings".In this paper, Dr. Liu mainly describes how to use infrared thermal imager to generate thermal images of building envelope, and how to use indoor/outdoor measured air parameters (velocity, temperature and pressure) to determine the effective crack size and air permeability through theoretical heat transfer and hydrodynamic analysis.


Dr. Liu joined ZJUI full time on October 1, 2017 as an Assistant Professor.He has published 34 major journal papers, focusing on the simulation and measurement of air flow and pollutant diffusion in enclosed Spaces, such as buildings and aircraft.In addition, he has received the ASHRAE Gold Award for Student Aid, won first prize in the ASHRAE Computational Fluid Dynamics Shooting Competition, and is a Bilsland Dissertations Fellow at Purdue University.