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Zjui carries out "Deans Face to Face" online communication with undergraduates
Date:10/04/2020 Article: Photo:

        From April 7 to April 9, ZJUI "director" face to face communication online activities, Li Erping dean is the students care about school/school matters, experiment, examination arrangements, go abroad communication, the problem such as graduation matters, respectively, the online communication with each grade students, and greeting the students expressed deep.

        Students also expressed their views:


        Su is a student representative of Grade 2016

        During the epidemic, the college still remembered the students scattered all over the country, which touched me very much. In this online communication, Dean Li greeted the current situation of the students, exchanged the recent work of the school and the admission situation of the class of 2016, and answered the questions that the graduating students were concerned about one by one, such as when the school will start, whether the graduation ceremony will be affected, and the internship arrangement of enterprises. As a senior student, I am looking forward to meeting my teachers and classmates and spending the last days of my undergraduate study. As the first student of ZJUI, I really miss that campus where we "measured" and "plodded" together. In the remaining three months, I hope to see you soon.


        Feng, student representative of the class of 2017

        Overcoming a 13-hour time difference and an ocean gap, this "Dean to Dean" online meeting was a shot in the arm for us in UIUC. During the meeting, Dean Li kept asking us about our courses and daily living arrangements in the United States, and only then did we unfurl our brows when we said everything was normal. He said that Union College keeps in touch with UIUC on a weekly basis and strives to have a real-time and comprehensive understanding of our situation. The dean also gave detailed answers to our questions about the epidemic and our studies, such as the arrangement of returning to China and the selection of courses for the senior year. This online meeting resolved the doubts in everyone's heart and let us deeply realize that even if we are far away from home, the care of the college will continue to warm each of us as always.


        Huang, student representative of the class of 2017

        After many days, Miss Li's kind smile finally appeared in front of us. Although it was thousands of miles away from the screen, it was still enough to make everyone who was isolated from the epidemic feeling overwhelmed. At the meeting, we learned about the outstanding achievements of the seniors who will graduate this year, and we couldn't help but feel more yearning and pressure for the upcoming application season. Next year's graduation we will hand over what kind of an answer paper - I believe this is the question we are thinking about. However, the answer has not been determined, our choice is to continue to work hard! I am looking forward to the day when we can go back to campus and get together, and the day when we all hold the ideal offer!


        Chen, student representative of Class 2018

        In forty minutes, the students and the dean of the exchange of desire. "Less you, the campus less a lot of human flavor" - this is the college to our miss, and we also do not remember the blooming campus? Even though wearing a mask has become a daily habit, and even though my classmates still attend classes in different time zones at the same time, I can't help but start to dream about my life back at school. What is it going to be? I am looking forward to sitting next to my classmates and listening to the teachers in the near future, and I also hope that as a probationary party member, I can assume more responsibilities and tasks in epidemic prevention and control. I hope we can meet again on the campus before the bloom is over.


        Lai, student representative of Class 2018

        Under the joint efforts of all the teachers and students, the online courses during the epidemic were carried out in an orderly manner. In the face of such a way of teaching, students are not used to it, and the "Dean Face-to-face" meeting can help us solve the puzzles and problems in our studies. When the dean briefed the anti-epidemic situation at home and abroad, he said that it was normal to feel bored and not adapt to the epidemic, but we should learn to guide, so as to relieve everyone's anxiety. At the same time, he also introduced the relevant news of the new semester, which made us full of confidence and expectation for returning to the campus.


        Hu, student representative of Class 2019

       When I mentioned to my parents that the dinner time might have to be changed because of a deans' meeting, they were shocked: How much do deans care about undergraduates at universities? When they and I listened to this special meeting together, they could not help but feel the care and carefulness of the college. What moved me was that Dean Li asked us if there was anything we needed to improve in the online course. With his encouragement, many students spoke enthusiastically. I heard that the cherry blossoms in the campus have blossomed. I am looking forward to seeing every smiling face behind the webEx camera face to face.


        Fu, student representative of Class 2019

        As Zjuiers of Grade 2019, we should all remember the evening of April 7th, when the time stopped at 18:00, more than 100 people gathered on the WebEx platform, looking forward to the news of the new semester. I am very happy to see Dean Li, Chenchen, and ZJUI's friends on the Webex screen. Of course, there are also the new classical English style international campus architecture that I haven't seen for three months through the screen. Hey, beautiful campus, wait for me!


        Yuan, student representative of Class 2019

        The "dean to dean" meeting during the epidemic couldn't have come at a better time. During this period of time, although we have gradually become accustomed to the online learning mode, but the yearning for school is more and more strong. Such a meeting has answered all kinds of questions that we care about this period of time, and eliminated our worries about the beginning of school! I haven't seen the setting sun on campus for a long time, but I also showed it in the form of "cloud seeding" by Dean Li. In this short 30 minutes, I felt the rigorous arrangement of the school, campus and college for the opening of the semester, saw many familiar faces of friends, and felt the warmth of our international campus family!