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The defense line of the scientific research training project for college students in 2020 will be held
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        A few days ago, ZJUI2020 college students scientific research training project defense online held.In the excellent English oral defense, 81 students from 31 project groups showed their full enthusiasm for scientific research and solid professional foundation, which won unanimous recognition from all the judges.

        Endoscope, heat transfer materials, glued bamboo, carbonized bamboo, big data, traffic emission monitoring, structural failure, surgical robots, high frequency and high voltage transformers, biological cell image processing, spline neural network algorithm...The fields of students' research cover all aspects of social life, interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary.Students face challenges, make breakthroughs, and strive to contribute to solving global engineering problems.

        Care for the Vulnerable

        《Research on wearable devices based on surface EMG signals 基于肌电信号的智能可穿戴设备研究》

        ——Project team: Xiao Shuhong, Yu Yue, Zheng Xiuwen;Advisor: Wang Hongwei

        The students of this project group have paid attention to the increasing number of stroke hemiplegia patients in China, aiming to design a wearable device based on the potential decoding information of the epidermal motor nerve to make a strengthened response, so as to enable the patients with hand hemiplegia to carry out effective rehabilitation training.According to reaction behavior intention of the cerebral cortex motor neuron specific information and neuromuscular electrical signals, the connection between the hand surface by decoding the hand more specific parts of the surface electromyographic signal to obtain the corresponding action intention, so as to establish a relatively accurate corresponding relation, and borrow from the device to help strengthen and ultimately enable patients to use this device independent relatively difficult finish treatment rehabilitation and normal life in order to achieve purpose.

        The project involves many fields such as electronic and computer engineering, electrical engineering and its automation and mechanical engineering.

        《The optimization of the man-machine interaction system and endoscope vision about minimally invasive surgical robot on tumor operation 对机器人微创手术中人机互动控制系统与内窥镜视觉的优化研究》

        ——Project team: Liu Tianyu, Chang Junyu; Instructor: Yang Lianjing

        In the face of the situation that the cancer incidence rate is increasing by 3%-5% every year, the mortality rate of cancer patients in China is higher than that in developed countries, and the situation that surgical robots with better accuracy are difficult to promote due to the high cost, two students of the project team chose such a topic.

        The working principle and optimization conditions of vision module and control module for minimally invasive tumor surgery in surgical robot are studied, and the optimization scheme is given according to the existing problems of surgical robot.



        Focus on regional sustainable development

        《Research on Water Resources Carrying Capacity and Sustainability in Water-Energy-Food Nexus 水-能源-食物耦合系统中水资源承载力与可持续性研究》

        ——Project team: Yifei Sun, Sicong Hong; Advisor: Zhu Tingju

        Focusing on sustainable development in the Yangtze River Delta region, the project aims to conduct theoretical and applied research on water resource carrying capacity and sustainability in the complex water-energy-food coupling system (hereinafter referred to as the water-energy-food system).Based on the existing framework of mutual feed-back relationship between water energy and food systems, a regional water resource supply, use and consumption balance model and a sustainability index system with energy and food systems as the main focus were established.Based on provincial and municipal water use data and distributed simulated water resources data, the paper analyzes the mutual feed-back relationship and water resource sustainability indicators of water energy and grain systems in the three provinces and one city of the Yangtze River Delta, and contributes to the sustainable development of the region.



        insist the awareness of adversity

        《Knowledge Extraction and Retrieval from Diesel Engine Operation Reports based on NLP and Knowledge Graph 基于NLP与知识图谱的柴油机运行报告知识提取和检索》

        ——Project Team: Wang Chongyu, Wang Chenhao, Li Jingshu;Advisor: Wang Hongwei

        Aiming at the problems in the nuclear power plant operations, such as diesel engine incident reports rely on manual work, low efficiency, low intelligence, report retrieval method is simple, it is difficult to reflect the relationship between the and so on, the project aims at nuclear power plants occurring in the process of diesel engine running events and status report analysis, research events, and the characteristics of the status report and the corresponding solutions.The entities of diesel-related events in the training set and test set required by the knowledge graph model are sorted out, and their mutual relations and attribute characteristics are sorted out to form a knowledge system.They will develop and optimize an algorithm to generate a knowledge graph based on historical information such as events and status reports, and to extract entities in new events to establish direct relationships and attribute characteristics of different entities.The knowledge graph model is also used to build the event search engine system of nuclear power plant diesel engine.

        This project can reduce the cost of nuclear power plants, improve work efficiency and promote the development of nuclear safety. It also has strong applicability and applicability and can be extended to risk prevention in other fields.


        Scientific research is not only a public service that benefits the present, but also a historical cause that promotes social development. Humanism and social responsibility should be part of it.It is the duty-bound responsibility of ZJUI's young engineers to embrace the challenges and develop the future with wisdom.

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