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Prof. Ma Hao, Vice Dean of ZJUI, was invited to deliver a speech at the 2024 National Demonstration Center for Experimental Education Joint Meeting-Electronic Discipline Group Annual Conference
Date:02/04/2024 Article:Yu Mengyue, Li Si Photo:From the conference news

In order to promote the in-depth construction of national demonstration center for experimental education and virtual simulation centers, the 2024 National Demonstration Center for Experimental Education Joint Meeting-Electronic Discipline Group Annual Conference was successfully held in Hangzhou from March 30th to 31st. Prof. Ma Hao, Vice Dean ZJUI, was invited to give a report titled "Research and Reform Practice of Basic Experimental Teaching Models in Electrical Engineering under ‘ New Engineering’ "at the  conference.




▲ Prof. Ma Hao, Vice Dean of ZJUI, was invited to deliver a speech


26 representatives from universities and enterprises, including Harbin Institute of Technology, Southeast University, Xidian University, Zhejiang University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and CITIC Mobile Communication Technology Co., Ltd., to give speeches around the topics of  student cultivation of electrical engineering, top-quality curriculm construction, industrial development and technological application, and collaborative education between universities and enterprises. The opening ceremony was hosted by Prof. Wang Jun from Beihang University.


In the speech, Prof. Ma Hao highlighted that with the development of digital technologies, digitalization in education represents a new trend for the future. Exploring innovative paths for digital teaching and building a new digital experimental teaching system are among the goals of future education. The National Demonstration Center for Experimental Electrical and Electronic Education (Zhejiang University)considers the digitalization of experimental teaching as a crucial task. It aims to build an open experimental space for students' independent research, focusing on the development and exploration of cloud labs, interactive experimental teaching management systems, and digital labs integrated with teaching, is committed nurturing innovative professionals and leaders in the new engineering disciplines with a strong foundation, broad knowledge, and global competitiveness. By citing ZJUI as an example, Prof. Ma emphasized the innovative pathways and vivid practices in constructing a new experimental teaching system suitable for the demands of new engineering disciplines and digitalization. He stressed that ZJUI, by implementing a "single-mainline, step-by-step" teaching model combined with diverse teaching modules such as virtual simulation and pocket experiments, strives to create a comprehensive and multi-level new experimental teaching experience, fully stimulating students' innovative vitality, expanding their engineering perspectives, and organically integrating the cultivation of scientific literacy, engineering awareness, and practical abilities. Additionally, by carrying out project-driven experimental teaching and making full use of online platforms as ZJUI-Learn and Black Board, alongside arranging diverse experimental spaces and integrated experiment platforms, the Institute further builds a nurturing ecosystem for new engineering experimental education.






The conference was hosted by the Electronic Discipline Group of the National Demonstration Center for Experimental Teaching Joint Meeting and undertook by Beihang University. It aimed to leverage the exemplary role and radiating effect of demonstration centers' high-quality experimental teaching resources, enhance the exchange of achievements and experiences, further establish a management model for top-tier engineering experimental teaching suited to "new engineering", create a diversified and innovative open experimental platform, and provide strong support for nurturing outstanding engineers with international perspectives and innovative consciousness, thereby laying a solid intellectual foundation for society iteration and global development.