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From NUS to ZJUI, Cadence, ZJUI international exchange student, fell in love with campus life here!
Date:18/02/2024 Article:From interviewee Photo:From interviewee


Cadence Siow Jing Xuan



studying bio/mechanical engineering in NUS (Singapore)


ZJUI's First Non UIUC International Exchange Student


Loves traveling, cycling, and performing music


Likes exploring more possibilities for herself in the unknown


After a brief understanding of her


Are you more curious


In this exchange journey of collision between Chinese and Singapore cultures


What did she gain?


Let's take a look at her exchange life Plog together~







Despite only having a short semester of exchange, Cadence, who loves music, has also found her perfect stage on the International Campus. At the New Year’s Gala at the International Campus, Cadence and her companions presented an instrumental ensemble to everyone, bringing an unparalleled music feast to audience with enthusiasm and talent, and they received warm applause and the sincerest cheers from the audience.