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ZJUI 2023 Year-end Meeting & 2024 Key Work Retreat were Successfully Held
Date:26/01/2024 Article:Zhang Yi Photo:Zhang Yi




From January 23rd to January 24th, the 2023 Year-end Meeting and the 2024 Key Work Retreat of ZJUI were successfully held. Academician Lee Der-Horng, Dean of ZJUI, Prof. Jin Jianming, Executive Dean of ZJUI, Prof. Ma Hao, Vice Dean of ZJUI, and Prof. Wang Hongwei, Vice Dean of ZJUI, attended the meeting. More than 100 faculty members and staff gathered together to review and summarize the past 2023 and look forward to the future. The 2024 Key Work Retreat was chaired by Dean Lee Der-Horng, and the 2023 Year-end Meeting was chaired by Prof. Wang Hongwei.




Dean Lee Der-Horng affirmed the work of all the faculty members and staff of ZJUI over the past year. He pointed out that in accordance with the development requirements of the "Double 8 Strategy" and the strategic goal of Zhejiang University to build a world-class university with Chinese characteristics, ZJUI should fully stimulate the eight existing advantages formed in terms of regime, location, industry, coordinated development, ecology, resource, environment, and humanities since its establishment, gather resources from all parties, gather strong forces, and accelerate the construction of a new development pattern. He emphasized that teaching quality is the reason why we are here and why we have been recognized, and faculty members must persistently pay attention to. In research work, we must adhere to the three major aspects of stimulating qualitatively new productivity, opening new prospects in fundamental research, and strengthening original innovation; Technological research breaks through engineering challenges and bottlenecks; Translational research resolves persistent difficulties, serving the industries and contributing to the national strategy.