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ZJUI international undergraduate students Leonard Davidson and Monish Mithra Waran Maheswaran, won the second prize in the Digital Trade Cup: BRI International Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
Date:15/11/2023 Article:From ZIBS Wechat Account Photo:From ZIBS Wechat Account


Recently, ZJUI undergraduate students Leonard Davidson and Monish Mithra Waran Maheswaran, jointly cultivated by ZJUI and College of Control Science and Engineering, ZJU, won the second prize in the Digital Trade Cup: BRI International Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, together with three students from Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS).


The team, named WAMECO, is a ZIBS Innovation Incubation Project. From team building, mentorship guidance to preparation for the finals, team members' abilities were greatly improved in less than half a month.



Team Members


WAMECO is composed of ZIBS and ZJUI students from five different countries.




Leonard Davidson

ZJUI Undergraduate in Automation




Roosmarijn de Koning

ZIBS Master student of China Studies







ZIBS Master student in Fine Arts




Monish Mithra Waran Maheswaran

ZJUI Undergraduate in Automation




Mary Mwikali

ZIBS Master student of Finance



Program Introduction


The WAMECO project deals with port waste management, focusing on improving efficiency and reducing costs while also providing an ESG integrated solution.




The combination of "Business+Engineering" focuses on improving the five major aspects of port waste collection, logistics, isolation, inventory, and ESG reporting through emerging technologies such as machine learning and big data science. The students have divided their work into different parts such as business model, financial management, technology application, and business cooperation, which has greatly improved their teamwork, innovative thinking, and business abilities. While winning the second prize and being recognized by several judges, team members also gained comprehensive ability improvement during the preparation process and planted a seed of entrepreneurship in the WAMECO team.




Acceptance speech



The members of the WAMECO team expressed gratitude for the support provided by the ZIBS Innovation Center during this competition, "Gratitude to ZIBS Innovation Center and our mentors for the constant resource, support and guidance that has been given over the course of this competition"; especially thanks to Assistant Prof. Wang Yiwei, Gilles Meira, Song Lijing, and others at ZIBS for their guidance, "Happy to have worked with the mentors and happy to receive a free result with them".



▲ Group photo between Leonard Davidson (Left) and Monish Mithra Waran Maheswaran (right)



When discussing ZJUI's help for him to win this award, Monish from Malaysia said, “ZJUI has given me the opportunity to explore a dynamic array of courses, providing me the tools for simplifying complex problems and providing necessary solutions to meet the world challenges, especially now for waste management at ports.”



Leonard from Indonesia reviewed the competition and shared, “ZJUI has helped me in refining my thought process and equip me with skills that eventually help me achieve good results in the competition. I would like to thank ZJUI for the opportunity to learn in this campus.”



LUO Min mentioned that team members "come from different countries, contributing to this project with diverse professional abilities and perspectives. We explored new problems and provided innovative solutions. It was a very interesting and surprising process." Roosmarijin also expressed gratitude for the organization of the competition, stating, "I am glad that I have joined the Digital Trade Cup and the Cup has been organized very professionally and I feel that we were able to get as much guidance from a broad set of people, which was very insightful."





Located on the International Campus, the ZIBS Innovation Center fully integrates the innovation and entrepreneurship resources of domestic universities and industries as well as the resources from international partners, and carries out services such as entrepreneurship camp training, strategic consulting, and capital matching for innovation and entrepreneurship projects of faculty members and students at Zhejiang University.



ZJUI has always been committed to cultivating interdisciplinary future engineers, emphasizing the cultivation of students' innovative awareness and ability. With a unique and broad platform and diverse models, it helps interdisciplinary intellectuals to soar high.