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A Letter to International Faculty, Staff and Friends
Date:19/03/2020 Article:匿名 Photo:匿名

Dear international faculty and staff at IC and all our friends at UoE and UIUC,


It has been a tough time since late January, due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Over the period of nearly two months, all-out efforts have been made by the Chinese government to curb the spread of the virus and the situation has much improved. Zhejiang University has been committed to offering whatever expertise and aid we could extend for the prevention and control of the disease. Over 500 doctors and nurses from the affiliated hospitals have been sent to the area where the outbreak happened, and many more have been trying their best to cure those who have been infected in this province. We’ve moved teaching, research and administrative work online to ensure the smooth running of the International Campus and the University as a whole. During this process, support from our friends at UoE and UIUC, and the entire IC community has proved valuable and helped us through the most difficult time. We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to you all.


Beginning in late February, the terrible virus started to spread worldwide, involving over 150 countries and regions as of today. Keeping an eye on the update of the situation worldwide, the health and safety of our international faculty and staff and all our friends at UoE and UIUC has been our major concern. Our experience over the past nearly two months shows that, to strengthen self-protection, it helps to minimize outdoor activities, avoid crowded areas and group gatherings, wash hands frequently and wear medical masks in public places, maintain proper ventilation, and more importantly, to keep a balanced schedule of work, rest and exercise to improve immunity and live a healthy life.


In time of difficulties, the entire IC community stands together. We look forward to welcoming our international faculty and staff back to campus safe and healthy and wish all our friends at UoE and UIUC well.


International Campus

March18, 2020  






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