Spring 2022 Undergraduate Academic Calendar 
Date: 12/29/2021

February 12 

Courses Registration 


February 13 

Students Registration 


February 14 

Instruction Begins 


February 14-27 

adjust (add/drop) courses without approval 


April 2 (Saturday) 

Working Day, treat as Monday 

Deadline for dropping courses with approval without recording W 


April 3-5 

Tomb-Sweeping Day, no class 


April 24 (Sunday) 

Working Day, treat as Tuesday 


April 30-May 4 

International Labor Day, no class 


May 7 (Saturday) 

Working day, treat as Wednesday 


May 24 

Last Day of Instruction 


May 25-31, June 1-2 

Review & Final Exams 


June 3 

Dragon Boat Festival, no class 

Summer Break/Session Begins (Non-graduates) 


June 17-26 

Graduation Education of Graduates 


June 25-26 

Commencement for Graduates