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Cristoforo Demartino

ZJUI助理教授 / 研究员


研究方向: 结构工程,风力工程,地震工程,结构动力学,桥梁工程


Cristoforo Demartino博士是ZJUI助理教授。他本科(2008)和硕士(2010)均毕业于意大利雷焦卡拉布里亚大学土木工程专业,也于2012年获得罗马大学硕士学位,毕业论文题为《预制混凝土工业建筑的地震经济损失评价》。2014年,他于意大利那不勒斯菲里德里克第二大学获得结构工程博士学位,毕业论文题为《覆冰斜拉索的空气动力学和气动弹性表现》。在加入ZJUI之前,他是南京工业大学的博士后研究员。他发表了逾65篇学术论文,包括期刊论文30篇和会议论文36篇等。

研究领域: 结构工程,风力工程,地震工程,结构动力学,桥梁工程






If you are a current student and would like to learn more about possible research opportunities during the academic year and/or during the summer, please contact Cristoforo Demartino at


In particular, the following projects are oncoming:


·       UAV based analysis of structures

·       Identification of wind profiles based on Wind Lidars data

·       Identification of the aeroelastic properties of wind cables

·       Optimization of shell and arch RC structures

·       Numerical analysis of impact against RC structures

·       Modeling of RC structures using OpenSEES

·       Territorial risk analysis


The candidates should have a great curiosity, passion for research and capability of work in a team. It is preferable the use of Latex for writing and some basics of Matlab/Python.