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Our lab focuses on developing novel nanomanufacturing methods, seeking inspiration from nature to provide solutions to challenging issues in healthcare, environment, and energy.  Our lab is centered on nanomanufacturing technology because it is the cornerstone of nanotechnology crucial for the successful application of nanotechnology to the real world.  Our lab is an interdisciplinary lab and we work with researchers from biology, mechanics, instrumentation, physics, and material science for inventing truly innnovative technology.

On-going projects include tip-based nanofabrication, scalable nanofabrication methods, bio-inspired antibacterial surface, lab on a chip, and advanced sensors.

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Students who go through the vigorous academic education in our lab will develop the capability of innovation through working in a multi-cultural and interdisciplinary research environment.  Ph.D students from our lab will be encouraged to pursue postdoc positions for academic career paths or join industry for real-world applications.

Dr. Huan Hu has abudant experience and network both in academia and industry, and is determined to help students achieve their tageting career goals.