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Prof. Li Erping was awarded the grant from NSFC major research instrument development project


In the afternoon of January 13, the kick-off seminar of the National Natural Science Foundation of China's major research instrument development project "Mobile Electromagnetic environment effect broadband testing technology and instrumentation research project" and Zhejiang Province's major project "Key technology research on heterogeneous integration of spiking neuromorphic chip and traditional chip" that led by Professor Li Erping, participated by Professor WEI Xingchang, Associate Professor SHAN Hangguan, ZJUI Assistant Professor CHEN Wenchao and TAN Shurun was held in the International Campus, achieving a breakthrough in the field of Information Science and Electronic Engineering of Zhejiang University to undertake major national scientific and technological tasks.

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Under the background of 5G communication, high performance computing and AI industry's rapid development, in response to the demand for advanced special electromagnetic environment effect test instruments for the upcoming industrialization of devices of Internet of Vehicles(loV), the aim of this project is to break through the technical bottleneck of the assessment and testing of the spatio-temporal scenes of the whole life cycle of the electromagnetic environment of the connected vehicle in motion, and to solve the three key scientific problems, that are the multi-mode time domain electromagnetic environment test problem of the loV in the moveable electromagnetic environment, the accurate modeling and construction of the loV dynamic electromagnetic environment, the full-life time-space scenario of the Internet of Vehicles and the evaluation of relative dynamic electromagnetic interference. So as to form a national important test instrument with independent intellectual property rights, to achieve China's international impact on this high-tech field and to enhance the reliability and safety of the loV.


Professor He Lianzhen, Vice President of Zhejiang University, attended and delivered a speech. She firstly expressed her gratitude to the guests and experts for coming, affirmed the breakthrough achieved in this project application, and also put forward her expectation for the project launch. She expressed her hope that ZJUI would further give full play to the advantages of cross-disciplinary innovation, strengthen the linkage with relevant departments on the main campus and with related disciplines at home and abroad, deepen the integration of resources, forge a model of cross-disciplinary innovation and development, and provide ZJU solutions to address major national needs.


Professor Yang Jianyi, Dean of the College of Information Science and Electronic Engineering, ZJU, mentioned that the project is the first major instrumentation project in the field of Information Science and Electronic Engineering, and he believe that the implementation of the project will boost the industrial development of loV in China.


The project leader, Prof. Li Erping, reported the project development plan to the guests, and shared the pre-project preparation and detailed project research implementation plan with the guests present.

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Professor SU Donglin, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Professor MAO Junfa, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, IEEE Fellow, Standing Committee Member of the Party Committee and Vice President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Professor NIU Zhisheng, Professor of Tsinghua University and IEEE Fellow, and NIAN Fushun, Chief Scientist of the 41st Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation was nominated as members of the Project Steering Committee. SU Donglin, NIU Zhisheng, NIAN Fushun and other experts attended the meeting, and commented and guided the project's launch and development. Professor Su Donglin said that the project would help to enhance China's international impact on the development of EMC test standards. Professor NIU Zhisheng believes that the project will provide automobile manufacturers and Telematics equipment manufacturers with the most advanced Telematics electromagnetic environment testing instruments and technologies to help the development of driverless technology.


Mr.NIAN Fushun made a report entitled "Mobile communication active antenna test technology development", reviewed the development history of mobile communication and antenna technology, analyzed the new opportunities brought by China's information infrastructure construction and the important features of 5G mobile communication antenna, predicted the future 6G mobile communication antenna development direction, and gave the future development advice and suggestions.


LI Erping and NIAN Fushun signed a contract with CECC for the development of national major research instruments


 LI Erping and NIAN Fushun inaugurated the electromagnetic environment laboratory and terahertz laboratory

The kick-off seminar was also attended by Professor CHEN Hongsheng, Vice Dean of the College of Information Science and Electronic Engineering, ZJU, Ms. WANG Fang, Assistant Dean of International Campus, ZJU and Director of Haining Juanhu International Science Park, Ms.XU Yadan, Director of Scientific Research and Technology Transfer Department of the International Campus, Xue Jianlong, Deputy Director of Basic Research and Overseas Projects Department of Institute of Science and Technology of ZJU, representatives of faculty of the College of Information Science and Electronic Engineering and ZJUI, and representatives of project members. The Seminar was chaired by Prof. Li Hanying, Acting Vice Dean of ZJUI.

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