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ZJUI 2020 Junior Faculty Teaching Competition was held


In order to strengthen the faculty team and promote junior faculty members to update their teaching ideology, adopt modern teaching approach and master basic teaching skills to improve effects of both traditional lecture and students training, the ZJUI Junior Faculty Teaching Competition was held in the Engineering Building B407 on the afternoon of October 20, 2020. 11 junior faculty members from robotics, computer vision, systems engineering, remote sensing, image reconstruction and tomography, integrated circuits, structural engineering, intelligent transportation and other fields, participated in the competition. The competition is led by 3 main judges, Professor Tingju Zhu, Professor Weeliat Ong and Professor Fangwei Shao, who are professors with rich oversee experience, outstanding teaching effects, and good reputation among students. Faculty members from various fields and representatives of the institute's Academic Affairs Office, participated in scoring. The event was hosted by Professor Fangwei Shao, the associate professor of ZJUI.


This competition is mainly composed of instructional design introduction, lecture display, and on-site questions, comments and scoring by judges. The participating ZJUI junior faculty members were guided by the concept of cultivating students with virtue, combined with the characteristics of engineering, carefully prepared the content of their lectures, and brought a grand meeting of cross-disciplinary engineering teaching skills to all the audience.


Associate Professor Hongwei Wang used persuasive questions and a humorous teaching style to show everyone the basic concepts and extensive applications of "Artificial Intelligence", focusing on constructing a rigorous knowledge network and learning framework through the simple example that is easy to understand. 5.jpg

Assistant Professor Liangjing Yang introduced "Introduction to Robotics" by showing the projects of previous students, and briefly described the teaching content involved in theoretical and experimental courses. He clearly and logically introduced the latest information and cutting-edge development of robotics, such as robot vision and its applications through a large number of pictures and diagrams.


Assistant Professor Huan Hu’s "Engineering Orientation" won applause for its remarkable practicality and extensiveness. This orientation course, which is only for freshmen, provides students with a wide engineering vision through cross-disciplinary projects combined with master seminars given by senior experts in the academia and industry.


Assistant Professor Jiahuan Cui combined the characteristics of the "Statics" with multimedia through the electronic blackboard to create a good lecture atmosphere. He also shared tips to help students master the course progress and improve learning efficiency.


After the demonstration, the judges gave instructive suggestions in terms of lecture design, content focus, delivery and posture, etc. It is hoped that junior faculty members will think more about how to underline the inspiration, how to lay stress on the importance, and how to help students increase their understanding and interest in engineering courses. All of that will create an open and innovative atmosphere of learning, teaching and cross-field research .


After review, two faculty members Hongwei Wang and Liangjing Yang, won the first prize of the competition for their scientific curriculum design as well as innovative, interesting, focused and inspiring style. Huan Hu and other 2 faculty members, won the second prize. Jiahuan Cui and other 5 faculty members won the third prize.


Article | CAI Tongjiang

Translartor | HONG Zhouzhenyan

Photo |  Stephanie Zhang