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Professor Lianzhen He, Vice-President of Zhejiang University And Dean of International Campus, Interacts with Exchange Students in UIUC


On the morning of April 13, professor He Lianzhen, vice-president of Zhejiang University and dean of International Campus, interacted with 62 undergraduates of our institute who were exchanging in UIUC in the United States through video connection.

Professor He introduced the current situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control and urged students to pay special attention to safety during their stay in the United States, learn to recognize various voices, and strengthen the "four self-confidence" in international comparison. She pointed out that the process of uniting to fight against the epidemic has made us further understand what is the "community of shared future of mankind" and how to contribute our own strength to the "community of shared future of mankind". Student of ZJUI should give full play to the role of a bridge, be an emissary of friendship between Zhejiang University and UIUC, even between China and the United States, and keep close contact with each other. She stressed that to protect ourselves is to protect everyone. When students return home after the exchange semester, they must comply with the relevant epidemic prevention requirements of the country and the government and take necessary measures and isolation.

Tang Zhizhan , majoring in EE and from class of 2021, the leader of the overseas party group of the second party branch of the students reported the study and life of the students in the United States to professor He on behalf of the students studying in UIUC. The students also exchanged views with professor He on issues of common interest, such as summer scientific research, study arrangements after returning to China, and follow-up lectures by foreign faculty members in China.


ZJUI has always attached great importance to the students in the United States. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, ZJUI and UIUC have kept in touch and interacted at any time, held a special meeting of the joint management committee in time to study the deployment and arrangement of exchange students. In addition, the institute also reminded students to enhance their awareness of protection and improve their abilities of epidemic prevention through the Dean's online communication, daily health punch monitoring, the implementation of the organizational model of “the party group - class group – dormitory”, sending epidemic prevention materials,etc.

Wang Yufen, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of the International Campus, Li Erping, Dean of ZJUI and others participated in the interacts.


Article | Wu Hang

Photo | Ye Chenchen

Translator | Chang Long