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ABET Mock Accreditation on ZJUI Progress


From 16th to 19th of December 2019, two experts, Mr. David Beasley and Mr. John A. Orr. from the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (also known as the ABET), together with UIUC’s ABET experts Mr. Michael Hirschi and Jenny Amos and UIUC Vice Dean Professor Phillip Geubelle, Vice Dean Prof. Jonathan Makela and Director of Academic Affairs for UIUC-ZJU Partnership Prof. Umberto Ravaioli visited ZJU-UIUC to carry out a multi-aspect inspection and assessment of ZJUI’s progress. The inspection lasted four days, and with heavy and dedicated effort from the team, the group of experts applauded ZJUI’s international style of engineering education and expressed their confidence towards ZJUI’s future. All the experts agreed unanimously that compared to more than 80 colleges, ZJUI is one of the best engineering colleges they have ever visited, and the quality of education of our four programs is outstanding.


The experts team went to lectures, looked through the school archives, inspected ZJUI’s facilities and infrastructure, even communicated with students and Heads of Departments of the International Campus, ZJU. ZJUI’s state-of-the-art’s learning environment, innovatively designed labs as well as its administrative system all received high remarks from the group of experts.




The experts also held some workshops with all ZJUI’s faculty and staff to further discuss about ABET’s work and goals, as well as ABET’s assessment criteria. The criteria include: Students,  Program Educational Objectives, Student Outcomes, Continuous Improvement Cycle,  Curriculum, Faculty, Facilities, Institutional Support, Program criteria. The assessment emphasized on results-oriented principle in education, which ABET meant by ‘providing education that focuses on respective fields and majors’, so to nurture young professional talents. The experts team expressed their hopes towards ZJUI that ZJUI should continue its current effort of nurturing high-quality young talents, and also ensure that such efforts are grounded with strong foundation. ABET encourages ZJUI to always pay attention on students’ development as individuals as well as their acquiring of professional skills, and also to never stop improving to provide better education.


After going to lectures of four programs and reviewing the teaching and student feedback materials, the ABET expert team praised highly of ZJUI’s teaching quality. The experts claimed that all four programs’ teaching quality are astounding, and the core of cross-disciplinary and practicality-based education pushes students to be independent, innovative and curious learners. The team also congratulated the achievements and progress that have been achieved by ZJU and UIUC upon their collaboration. Impressed by the success of these two leading universities, ABET gave high expectations towards ZJUI’s future.

The objective of ABET’s assessment is to improve the quality of education and enhance the nurturing of young talents, and also to provide opportunities for better teaching management. ZJUI takes seriously of ABET’s assessment report and will move forward after reflecting upon the advices given. ZJUI will continue to improve its teaching quality and build its own vision of teaching so to seamlessly fit in ABET’s principles. Looking into the future, ZJUI will seek to increase its reputation and recognition in the global stage, subsequently providing more and better options for its students as well as to reach ZJUI’s goal of becoming a ‘double-first-class’ university.

ABET has been a globally recognized and renowned accreditation system, its professional accreditation system has been a major pathway for professionals from different fields to acquire occupational qualifications. For a university to pass ABET’s assessment, it means that it is then capable of nurturing globally competent engineers. The accreditation of ABET has been a major pushing factor in innovative education, as well as contributing to the development of global education in terms of consultation and guidance. ABET is a highly regarded organization in US as well as internationally, and it has been one of the main methods UIUC uses to review its teaching quality. As a collaborative partner of UIUC, ZJUI also included ABET’s accreditation into our system. The assessment this time is also aimed to prepare ZJUI towards the further, actual assessment in 2022.

Article |  Zhou Yifu, Stephanie Photo | ZJUI