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Prof. Ma Hao’s Research Group has Secured the NSFC-UKRI_EPSRC Joint Grant


On January 6, 2020, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) has announced the awarded list for the NSFC-UKRI_EPSRC joint research project. The application “Interactive Operation and Resilient Control to Support Power Electronics Based Smart Urban Energy Systems” is successful awarded. The co-PIs of the application are Vice Dean of ZJUI, Prof. Ma Hao for China side, and Prof. Tim C. Green for U.K. side. ZJUI Assistant Professor Li Chushan is one of the main participants. This project is the first major international collaborated project carried out by International Campus, Zhejiang University and College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University together for Power Internet of Things.


This project is consortium bid by Zhejiang University, Imperial College LondonTsinghua University, Hefei University of Technology and Cardiff University.

The call for the NSFC-UKRI_EPSRC joint research project was based on the MoU of the National Natural Science Foundation Committee (NSFC) of China and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) of U.K.. In 2019, the two sides called for projects in the field of "sustainable power supply" for collaborative research projects. 5 applications are awarded out of 21 in total. Both the application and the research team should be recognized by reviewers from both CN and UK side.

Deep changes are happening in the supply side of energy systems. China is adding about 20 GW of wind generation capacity per year and has replaced all buses in the city of Shenzhen with electric busses. The UK has halved carbon emissions from electricity system from over 150 million tonnes in 2012 to under 70 million tonnes in 2018. Very clearly there is much more to do: the remaining decarbonisation of electricity, the electrification of other sectors and sourcing alternative, zero-carbon fuels. The development of smart urban energy systems is the key to achieve green and low-carbon urban development and promote the decarbonisation and electrification of the energy supply. Nowadays urban distribution systems lack of power flow control devices, the characteristics of the system with large penetration of power electronics devices are unrevealed.

In order to address these, this project conducts the strong collaborated research works between five universities from both China and Britain, aiming to solve the challenging problems within the topic of Interactive Operation and Resilient Control to Support Power Electronics Based Smart Urban Energy Systems. It includes the key power conversion technology to enhance the flexibility of urban energy systems, operation strategies for power electronics based urban energy systems, decentralised real-time control for intelligent and resilient urban energy systems, and resilience and fault management in a power electronics dominated environment. The main innovation of this project includes: development of topology and control strategy for multi-material-devices based power electronic converters for urban systems, operation strategy for smart urban energy system considering massive power electronic converters and multi-energy system, self-stabilizable and self-adaptable control of power electronic converters in urban systems, and data-driven based fault detection and self-healing method for power electronic converters in urban systems.

Despite the differences between the histories and geographies of cities in China and the UK, we find common challenges and a complementary set of research expertise. This project brings together experts in power electronics, optimization, control and fault-management from UK and China. Following the research activities, both Chinese and British parties will build deeper collaboration in this area and provide theories and solutions to further support the development of urban energy systems.


Smart urban energy systems architecture with multi-energy interactive operation

Prof. Hao Ma, China side PI, is served as Vice Dean of ZJU-UIUC Institute, Zhejiang University. His research interests include Advanced Control in Power Electronics, Wireless Power Transfer, and especially in Fault Diagnosis of Power Electronic Circuits and Systems, and Application of Power Electronics. Dr. Ma is served as Director of Academic Committee of China Power Supply Society, Vice President and Secretary-general of Power Supply Society of Zhejiang Province, Associate Editor of Journal of Power Electronics (JPE), Associate Editor of IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics.

Prof. Tim C. Green, U.K. side PI,  FREng, FIEEE, is Co-Director of Imperial’s Energy Futures Lab, a pan-university hub promoting inter-disciplinary research. He has led major RCUK collaborative research programs in energy networks. He has extensive experience with China such as through NSCFC-EPSRC collaboration and as Honorary Visiting Professor at both Tsinghua and Zhejiang Universities.


Article | Li Chushan

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