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“Never forget why you started, hold on the mission” ZJUI party branch Visit the exhibition hall of the party building of Zhejiang University


On the afternoon of December 6, members of the party branch of the Zhejiang University - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Institute(ZJUI) visited and studied in the exhibition hall of the party building of Zhejiang university(ZJU). Under the leadership of party branch secretary Ma Hao, the party members visited the "red boat spirit theme exhibition" and "ZJU party building work theme exhibition" two parts of the exhibitions, all the members have appreciated the spirit of red boat, which indicates the initial intention of Chinese communists, and learned the outstanding deeds of faculty members and students and the advanced party building work of ZJU. A large number of photos, charts and materials in the exhibition hall show the arduous and glorious course of the communist party of China, as well as the glorious course, remarkable achievements and valuable experience of ZJU in establishing a world-class university in China under the leadership of the communist party of China.


ZJU party building theme exhibition includes five themes, “pass on the party soul”, “take a clear-cut stand against the wrong direction”, “establish moral integrity in cultivation and foster talent”, “accelerate the double first-class project”, “strengthen the basic and bear the mission” . Multi-level and comprehensive of ZJU’s party building work vividly present in front of the party members, the outstanding teachers and students around inspired party comrades, the party members have said should further adhere to the new era socialism with Chinese characteristics and foster the spirit and morality of students, closely around the core of " having both ability and virtue, and achieving all-round development" requirement, build a high level of students cultivation system, educating cross-disciplinary engineering talents with international vision and global competitiveness.




The thematic party day activity of visiting the ZJU party building exhibition hall increase the cohesion of the ZJUI party branch, inspired all the party members. ZJUI party branch will learn the valuable experience from the other advanced party branches, fully implement the party building work, and contributes to the construction of international cooperation education model zone.



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