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Students in the Class of 2021 Impact Intelligent Maintenance


The paper  “Knowledge Graph Construction and Reasoning for Intelligent Maintenance of Power Plants ”wrriten by Du Yangkai, Huang Jiayuan, Tao Shuting, Class of 2021 in computer engineering, received Best Paper Award at ICEBE 2019. The 2019 ICEBE conference  was held on Oct 12 to 13 and co-organized by Fudan University and SAP (The world's third largest software company), it only awarded two best paper awards, the paper written by ZJUI students ranked at the 1st place. This paper was written during the last summer vacation, and Prof. Wang Hongwei advised this team. As the three students are still studying in UIUC, Prof. wang did the presentation and accepted the award.  This is the first time in the 16-year history of the ICEBE international conference that undergraduates have won the best paper award.

As one of the results of the project “Fault data analysis and mining for intelligent maintenance”, which was selected as Zhejiang University Student Research Training Program, it proposes a novel process of an automatic construction and reasoning of knowledge graphs to support the  intelligent maintenance of complex power equipment and a new generation of intelligent maintenance system platform.  Meanwhile, this project is one of the most important parts of the intelligent systems and data science research program of ZJUI. Guided by Prof. Wang Hongwei, the team of this program cooperate with China National Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., China Huadian Corporation Ltd. and other giant power corporations, focus on the knowledge driven intelligent design, manufacturing and maintenance of large engineering equipment. In the past year, this team published almost 20 papers in calculating methods in complex systems, knowledge extraction and modeling, fault diagnosis, the manufacturing system optimization etc., including 10 in JCR Q1 or Q2. This time, these undergraduates published a long paper in high-quality international conference and recieved best paper award, fully demonstrated the high level of ZJUI undergraduate scientific research training, highlights the internationalization and interdisciplinary education of ZJUI.



Writer:Wang Hongwei

Photo: Wang Hongwei, Tao Shuting