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ZJUI carries out "I and my motherland" Thematic Party Day Activity


On the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, in order to further strengthen the ideological and moral qualities as well as patriotic enthusiasm of all party members of ZJUI party branch, ZJUI carries out "I and my motherland" Thematic Party Day Activity, the party members recall the history of the party, search for the way of development. We turn our patriotic passion into the inexhaustible power and dedication spirit to construct the institute, serve the faculty and students, and make our contributions to China.

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ZJUI party members learned the abstract of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s " Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind. " and" Xi's speeches at events celebrating 70th anniversary of PRC founding ", reviewing the great event of the founding of PRC 70 years ago, Xi's speech inspires millions of Chinese to achieve the great dream and make unremitting efforts. Subsequently, ZJUI party branch secretary Ma Hao also gave a vivid thematic party class "I and my motherland" for all party members. Secretary Ma organized the class with four parts: the development vein and significance of national history, the review of the history in the past 70 years, the great miracles in the past 70 years and history is the best textbook. This class introduced the development course of PRC, glorious tradition of China, experience and achievements of our party. Secretary Ma also introduced the development of science and technology achievements since the founding of PRC in related fields combined with the characteristic of ZJUI discipline, and expressed the hope that every party members can make more contributions to talents cultivating, scientific research and ZJUI construction, strive to deepen cooperation, support double first-class construction of Zhejiang University, try to build international campus into the model of international cooperative education. Each party member at the meeting also expressed his or her own opinions and suggestions combined with the theme and his or her own work experience.

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Translater: Chang Long