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Student of Class of 2020 publishes at the IEEE HONET-ICT international conference


       Wang Jinghua, Class of 2020, major in computer engineering, was invited to give an academic report at the 16th IEEE HONET-ICT international conference held in charlotte, North Carolina, USA in October 2019. He published his paper “A Best-Model-Selecting Hierarchical Approach for Flight Status Classification” at the conference. Jinghua Wang led the whole process of the paper from the topic selection, research, writing to submission and acceptance. The atmosphere was lively in the paper presentation, and the content of the report was widely concerned and discussed by the participants.

       His paper proposes a flight state predictor based on advanced machine learning technology. Different from the previous machine learning predictors, Jinghua Wang innovatively used the hierarchical optimal model selection method to make it more accurate. The results of this paper can be applied to the intelligent air traffic system to provide more accurate time prediction and more convenient air travel scheme for air passengers. It also provides airlines with more efficient flight schedules.

       The 16th IEEE International Conference on Smart Cities: Improving Quality of Life using ICT, IoT, and AI covered Application of information technology, Internet of things technology, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies in smart cities. This conference included dozens of cutting-edge scientific research achievements on intelligent street lamps, automatic driving, intelligent city security system, intelligent transportation system, intelligent buildings, intelligent farms, intelligent city big data system, intelligent energy scheduling system, colored solar glass and other aspects. Professors and students from many different countries and schools came together to talk about how to use cutting-edge technology to make urban life easier for people in the next 10 to 20 years.

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Wang Jinghua was making his presentation

Translator: Hu Hao