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The ZJUI delegation visit counterparts


ZJUI visited XJTLU

On April 9th, UIUC delegation visited XJTLU(Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University) . The members in delegation are dean of the ZJUI Li Erping, vice dean of ZJUI Ma Hao and the assistant dean of ZJUI Lu Qiang. ZJUI delegation was warmly welcomed by XJTLU with their executive president Xi Youmin, deputy party secretary and secretary of disciplinary inspection Committee Xie Bo and deputy party secretary Xie Qijian.

On the communicating conference, secretary Xie Bo introduced XJTLU’s school-running mode, teaching ideas, and reported graduate’s situation. He also shared innovative ideas and experiences summarized from XJTLU’s developing process. XJTLU’s President Xi Youmin sent his compliments to ZJUI’s unique school-running mode and expressed the will of forging more cooperation with ZJUI.

After the conference, ZJUI delegation visited XJTLU’s school facilities including the main building, library, gallery, laboratory, etc. XJTLU’s great construction of campus culture, attractive displays, strong international atmosphere and student-oriented details left a deep impression on ZJUI delegation.



ZJUI visited UM-SJTU

April 16th, the vice dean of ZJUI Ma Hao, director of Office of Student Affairs Wang Yufen and vice dean of ZJE(Zhejiang University - University of Edinburgh Institute) Chen Ye visited UM-SJTU(UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN - SHANGHAI JIAO TONG UNIVERSITY JOINT INSTITUTE). The delegation was received by Li Xinwan, party secretary of UM-SJTU and Song Liqun, director of the administrative office of UM-SJTU.

Secretary Li said that ZJUI and UM-SJTU were both Sino-foreign cooperatively-run schools with no separate legal entity and the degree programs that two schools have set up are similar, which means the challenges that two schools would face are similar. Getting known each other and strengthening exchanges between two schools contribute to the promotion of the construction of Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools. As UM-SJTU got in this area earlier than ZJUI, secretary Li introduced their precious experience to ZJUI delegation.

Director Song Liqun led the ZJUI delegation visiting the UM-SJTU Building after the conference.



ZJUI visited NZUWI

On March 25th, ZJUI delegation visited NZUWI(The University of Waikato Joint Institute at Zhejiang University City College) for research. Members in delegation include dean of ZJUI Li Erping, vice dean of ZJUI Ma Hao, assistant dean of ZJUI Lu Qiang and others. They were warmly welcomed by the NZUWI with vice dean of ZUCC and the dean of NZUWI Zhu Yongping, the vice executive dean of NZUWI He min.

Dean Zhu Yongping introduced the education of NZUWI on the exchange meeting. The ZJUI delegation learned a lot of experience from NZUWI’s management system, running system, talent cultivation models and faculty recruitment system. After the meeting, He Min, vice executive dean, led the delegation of ZJUI to visit. The solid party building work and first-class hardware facilities of NZUWI attracted admiration from the delegation of ZJUI. The two sides also indicated that as a Sino-foreign cooperatively-run school within the Zhejiang University system, they would further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.

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There were both sunlight and storms in the past three years since ZJUI established. The purpose of visit and investigation this time is to learn from the valuable experience of other universities, improve the level of cooperation and promote the connotative development of ZJUI. Through in-depth exchanges with the leaders of various colleges and universities, it will clarify the ideas for the next development of the institute, insist on forging ahead, pioneering and innovative, and provide the basis for the construction of high-level Sino-foreign cooperative education.

Translator: He Yanqi