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Home and School Uniting Together to Build the Future


——ZJUI held the second “Parents Day”


On March 30th, Zhejiang University- University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Institute (ZJUI) held the second “Parents Day” at International Campus, Zhejiang University. More than 140 parents attended the event with enthusiasm, and communicated deeply with the leadership and  faculty about ZJUI's high-level Sino-foreign cooperation education and the “double first-class” construction of Zhejiang University. ZJUI Dean Li Erping, Executive Dean Philip Krein, Vice Dean Ma Hao, Assistant Dean Lu Qiang, faculty representatives and administrative staff attended the event.


Dean Li Erping’s passionate speech entitled “Tireless pursuit for excellence” gave parents a deep understanding of the importance of cross- disciplinary engineering training for the future. Through the mission vision, education, and training programs of the institute, he interpreted the road and vision for the development of students for parents. Dean Li said: "The development of cross-disciplinary training is an excellent way to stimulate students' interest and expand the horizon of engineering. As a new institute that has just been initiating for three years, we still have a long way to go. We will move forward and seek for excellence. I firmly believe that in the era of globalization, the world need students like the ones in ZJUI."


Executive Dean Philip Krein, who has profound experience in graduate application review, brought to the parents the speech “Preparation for Graduate Study in US”. He pointed out the traditional misunderstanding of the pursuit of school rankings, famous professors, and GPA only. He emphasized that for students, in addition to daily study, participating in research training and industry intership are also important. The speech also includes how to ask the professor to write a letter of recommendation, how to write a good personal statement, and how to choose a supervisor. Parents are engrossed by the speech which received great attention.


Assistant Dean Lu Qiang gave detailed answers to the hot issues that parents are generally concerned about. He explained the research directions of the institute's cross-disciplinary education, the methods of student GPA calculation, and the future concerns of parents. He also hoped that parents could understand and support more on the education of the Institute, urge students to cherish their youth, and work with the Institute to help students grow healthily.


Ms. Liu Ling, the Chair of the parents board, spoke on behalf of all the parents, reported the work of the parents board in the past year, and put forward some expectations for the institute. She also said that the parents board will continue to cooperate with the institute to make the best for all ZJUI students.



In the afternoon, the parents, under the guiding of Prof. Ma Hao, the vice dean of ZJUI, visited the laboratory and experienced the innovative educational environment.


Excellent faculties of all programs introduced parents to the specific learning content, frontiers and future development directions of each program, including Professor Li Chushan’s "Why to Choose Electrical Engineering", Professor Hu Huan's "What Does Electronic and Computer Engineering Do?", Professor Zhu Tingju's Speech "The Past, Present and Future of Civil Engineering", Professor Wee-Liat Ong’s, "Hey, you want to be a mechanical engineer" ...... The wonderful speech gives parents a deeper understanding of the children's majors.


The sharing of ZJUI students was lively and fascinating. The sophomore student Hong Kaiwen shared his experiences in participating in research projects and publishing papers. The freshmen Su Haoyu and Yang Zhaohua presented the Auto-driving cars of the "Introduction to Electronics" course team project. Wu Zhenbang and Huang Jinghan, who have just returned from the UIUC exchanges, shared their three years of study and life experienced in ZJUI. The sharing of three different cohorts of students let parents feel the healthy growth of the students, provided a different perspective for the parents to understand the Institute education, and won the praise of the parents.




The atmosphere of the interaction between the institute and the parents was enthusiastic. The parents rushed to ask questions. The Deans and faculty of the Institute were full of sincerity and patience to answer the questions and explain the institute's school-running features and educational concepts. In response to some constructive suggestions from parents, the Institute also responded positively. In the future development process, the Institute will continuously explore and improve teaching methods and quality, and strive to build a world-class platform for students’ growth.


Finally, the parents committee elected six vice chair and confirmed that Ms. Liu Ling continued to serve as the chair. In the past year, the parents committee has played a very important role in helping parents and institute to communicate, helping students expand extracurricular research and social practice, and promoting publicity of the Institute. Executive Dean Krein expressed his gratitude to the parents committee on behalf of the Institute and looked forward to the closer contact and support between the parents and the Institute to help the development of the institute and the growth of the students. In return, the parents committee said that it will further promote the communication between parents and the institute, union the strength of parents to creates more opportunities for student’s development and contributes to the development of the institute.

The role of parents’ and universities’ are both very important for students’ growth, and the significance of the union of school and parents is self-evident. “Parents Day” is an attempt by the institute to communicate with parents and establish a joint mechanism between home and school. This activity has been positively responded and warmly praised by parents. They have appreciated the education environment of the institute, the professionalism of faculty and the healthy growth of students. The Institute will live up to the expectations, insist student-centered principle, aim at the world-class engineering cross-disciplinary education, and help students create and develop a better future.


Translator: Liu Tingkai