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ZJUI held the meeting for 2018-2019 spring & summer semester


On the evening of March 28th, ZJUI held the meeting for spring and summer 2018-2019 semester in the Auditorium of the North Teaching Building A. All the student cohorts attended the conference together.

The meeting has two agendas. The first one was a communication between the freshmen and Yu Qian, the tutor of class of 2022. Yu Qian introduced herself and reported the last final exam situation and introduced the work plan of next step. Then, Wu Hang, the tutor of sophomore and junior students, announced the establishment of the second student party branch, which is primarily responsible for contacting the ZJUI youth league branch and the active applicants for CPC membership. After that, he introduced the university-level model youth and scholarship selection methods and academic early warning program are described in detail. Moreover, Wu Hang warned students to keep away from the online loans to college students and the malicious fraud. Besides, he answered questions from students and communicated with students on the aspects of study, life, scientific research and exchange abroad.



Writer:Yu Qian

Photo:Wu Hang, Ye Chenchen

Translator: Lin Lan