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UIUC Delegation Visits as Campus Cooperative Education Starts a New Chapter


March 3-4,2019, UIUC Chancellor Robert J. Jones led a team to visit International Campus, Zhejiang University(ZJU). The delegation joined The Second International Symposium on Higher Education of Zhejiang University and signed Memorandum of understanding on joint research center cooperation, Doctoral cooperation training agreement and Letter of intent for cooperative cultivation of master students. After the symposium, the delegation came to visit ZJU-UIUC Institute (ZJUI), having a Strategic dialogue with the heads of the institute and the coordinators of related disciplines of ZJU. Together they reviewed more than two years of cooperative-run institute experiences while discussing the next stage of in-depth cooperation. During this period, the delegation also had a deep communication with all faculty, staff and students of the institute, understanding the current situation of our institute, and they hoped they can create a better platform for teaching development and more excellent development opportunities for ZJUI.

Presidents Gathered Together to Unveil the Red Silk, ZJUI New Engineering Building Starts Using

On the morning of March 4, President of ZJU Wu Zhaohui, the Chancellor of UIUC Robert J. Jones, vice-president of ZJU and the dean of International Campus He Lianzhen, Vice Provost of UIUC Reitumetse Obakeng Mabokela, Member of the standing committee of the party committee and minister of publicity of ZJU Ying Biao, Assistant President of ZJU, Secretary of Party Working Committee and Vice Dean of International Campus, ZJU Fu Qiang, ZJUI Dean Li Erping, Executive Dean Philip Krein and other member of UIUC delegation, related departments of ZJU and the heads of colleges attended the Unveiling ceremony for the ZJUI new building. The presidents of two universities unveiled the red silk together, also marked the start of the new chapter in ZJUI's high-level international cooperative education. Then, UIUC delegation was invited to attend the Second International Symposium on Higher Education of ZJU, and Chancellor Robert J. Jones delivered a keynote speech, emphasizing that international scientific and technological cooperation should be strengthened in global higher education in the 21st century, solving global problems through cooperation.



Deepen cooperation in teaching and research, Cooperative education starts a new chapter

During the symposium, Chancellor Jones representing the UIUC signed the Memorandum of understanding on joint research center and co-operative PhD agreement with President Wu Zhaohui. The signature of the Memorandum of understanding on joint research center marks a substantial step in the scientific research cooperation between two universities. Two universities will conduct collaborative research in cutting-edge technology and interdisciplinary aspects, building a world-class scientific research platform for faculty and committed to transfer scientific result into productivity. Except that, the launch of co-operative PhD agreement is another stage achievement of the cooperation between the two universities. In the future, both sides will send doctoral students to each other's schools for study and communication. During the visiting period, ZJU and UIUC representatives had an in-depth discussion about the joint cultivation of master students, and the Dean of ZJUI Li Erping and the Dean of College of Engineering Rashid Bashir signed Letter of intent for cooperative training of master students together, striving for an early start of joint master's programs. In addition, both sides discussed about the feasibility of joint scientific research projects by both doctors and postdocs.


The presidents of the two universities signed the MoU


Dean of ZJUI Li Erpng and Dean of college of engineering,UIUC Bashir signed the Letter of intent for cooperative educating master students


ZJUI discussed with heads of the undergraduate and graduate school of ZJU, vice dean of undergraduate and graduate program of UIUC about the education, student affairs, scientific research cooperation and doctoral cooperation.

“You Are an Important Part of Us” UIUC Delegation concern about the development of ZJUI students and faculty

During the two-day intense visit, UIUC delegation emphasized several times that “you are an important part of us”, expressing sincere concern for ZJUI’s running. Delegation had many in-depth communications with ZJUI’s all faculty, listening to their voice. The dean of ZJUI Li Erping and executive director Philip Krein reported the progress and operation mode of the institute to the delegation. Representatives of ZJUI’s faculty introduced their research areas one by one and listened to the views and suggestions of the delegation on relevant issues. The department heads of engineering college of UIUC shared the latest research directions of each department with ZJUI faculty, welcoming both side’s faculty cooperate on research and solve global challenges together. The delegation indicated that they would create more favorable conditions for the ZJUI faculty while exporting UIUC's advanced laboratory and scientific research platform construction plan to ZJUI, supporting all faculty’s teaching and their scientific research.


The UIUC delegation met with ZJUI's faculty, administration team, laboratory engineers and counselors

In the dialogue with ZJUI administration team, laboratory engineers and counselors, the delegation was also very concerned about the development of this supporting team. They encouraged more staffs to visit UIUC at the appropriate time, to experience UIUC's operation mode and management system directly, which could break down the barriers caused by cultural and institutional differences and help the young team grow.

Additionally, UIUC’s delegation was also concerned a lot about students’ living and study in the international campus, and they will try to create more convenience for students to facilitate interdisciplinary study and research. On the evening of March 5th, all the students of ZJUI had a communication with the delegation in the multimedia hall of the campus.


In the activity, Chancellor Jones and Dean Bashir presented UIUC style t-shirts for all the students on behalf of UIUC. As the t-shirts show, we expect all ZJUI students to be outstanding engineers and global leaders in the future.



Just like the tradition of UIUC, every year, outstanding students of ZJUI will be rewarded with Dean’s List. This year, professor Bashir, dean of engineering college of UIUC, awarded certificates for students of ZJUI in person, encouraging all students to keep studying hard and become the outstanding representatives of both ZJU and UIUC.


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After that, dean Bashir and other department heads delivered comprehensive and wonderful speeches for all the students, introducing the faculty and teaching environment of each department, and the latest research focus of each department.

DSC06364 -.jpg

The activity ended after a heated exchange between teachers and students though both sides hoped to have more time left. UIUC delegation encouraged the students to continue working hard and face challenges bravely and welcomed the students of ZJUI to strengthen the contact with the UIUC’s faculty and actively participate in the scientific research projects in their spare time, especially during the exchange to UIUC.

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Since the establishment of ZJUI three years ago, with the further deepening of the cooperation between ZJU and UIUC, the combination of Chinese and western cultures will have more sparkle, and the results of the cooperation will benefit faculty and students more. We will strive to take advantage of the "double first-class" construction, keep pioneering, innovative and student-centered, committed to breaking through discipline barriers, providing excellent cross-disciplinary education, down-to-earth to meet challenges, help Chinese students to enjoy world-class international education in China; We will further promote scientific research cooperation and achievement transformation, serve regional development, assist the construction of the greater bay area, and contribute to the national strategy of Yangtze river delta integration. We will try our best to serve the talents, create an ecological highland of high-quality talents, and strive to continue to be in the forefront of Sino-foreign cooperatively- run schools!

Writer: ZHOU Yifu/ ZHANGYi

Photo: ZHANGYi/ XIANG Yangyixiao

Translator: JIANG Chenhuan