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ZJUI Party Branch Held Party Member Development Conference


On the evening of 14th November, ZJUI Party branch held its first general meeting to accept probationary Party members. The meeting was hosted by Prof. Ma Hao, the Party branch secretary. All members of the Party branch and part of the party activists attended the meeting. At the conference, the Party branch discussed and voted on the party membership of two potential members, Chen Haonan and Chen Wenchao.


At the meeting, Prof. Ma Hao introduced the two potential members, which was followed by the potential members read the their applications respectively. Then the introducer also made objective evaluations on their merits and shortcomings and expressed his opinions on their joining the Party. The members who attended the conference discussed fully and expressed their opinions before voting by ballot. With the votes counted on spot, Chen Haonan and Chen Wenchao were accepted by a unanimous vote. Therefore, the Party branch announced them as probationary Party members.



Prof. Ma Hao made a speech on behalf of the party organization, encouraged the two comrades to join the Party not only in the organization but also in the thought and to not forget their original intention, continue to advance, proceed with higher standards and more stringent requirements, and strive to become a role model in every aspect.


The Party branch is glad to have Chen Haonan as the first student P­arty member and Chen Wenchao as the first faculty Party member on the International Campus of Zhejiang University. The success of the conference would surely open a new page for the development of the ZJUI Party branch as well as the International Campus.


                                                                                                                                                                 Translator: Wenlan Dong