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The Opening Ceremony of ZJUI Class of 2022 was Held


On the morning of September 15, the opening ceremony of the ZJUI Class of 2022 was held at the Haining International Campus of Zhejiang University. Prof. He Lianzhen, Vice President of ZJU, Dean of International Campus, Prof. Fu Qiang, Assistant President of ZJU, Secretary of Party Working Committee and Vice Dean of International Campus, ZJU, Prof. K.C. Ting, Vice Dean of the International Campus, Prof. Li Erping, Dean of ZJUI, Prof. Philip Krein, Executive Dean of ZJUI, Prof. Ma Hao, Vice Dean of ZJUI and the heads of relevant departments, members of the University of Illinois Urbana Champagne Campus (UIUC) delegation and teachers, teachers from Zhejiang University, all teachers of ZJUI, all undergraduate and doctoral students of the class of 2018, and parents of students, adding up to a total of more than 300 people, attended the opening ceremony.


Vice President He Lianzhen first extended a warm welcome to the 2018 freshmen on behalf of Zhejiang University and the International Campus and placed high hopes on them. President He pointed out that Zhejiang University and UIUC are both top universities in the world with superb faculties and would always provide students with strong teaching and research support while encouraging new students to find joy and passion in both study and life and spending the four years here with passion and dedication.



Dean Li Erping, on behalf of ZJUI, sincerely welcomed the 2018 freshmen, parents and all guests present at the ceremony. Dean Li briefly introduced the development, status quo and characteristics of the joint institute. He hoped that the freshmen shall not waste the four years of undergraduate life, but bravely scale the heights of science and enginerring to become future leaders and experts.  


On behalf of UIUC, Prof. Umberto Ravaioli said that the arrival of the 2018 freshmen had not only brought about a growth in the scale of the joint institute but also infused the air with more youth and vitality. He said that in the future, UIUC will continue promoting cooperation with Zhejiang University and ensuring all aspects of investment from UIUC to enlarge and strengthen ZJUI with a view to making it a role model for jointly established educational institutions between China and the world. 

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The entire opening ceremony was brimming with joy, passion and warmth. The ZJUI students self-directed and performed excellent shows, including individual performances such as vocal solo, erhu and pipa as well as group performances such as hip-hop and band. The audience kept bursting into applause from time to time.


学生演唱21 GUNS.jpg

During the ceremony, one of the most touching moments is when the freshmen put on badges for their parents, which was followed by the parents and students exchanging letters.




During the second half of the event, ZJUI faculty member Mark Butala spoke on behalf of the faculties. He encouraged the freshmen to dedicate themselves to unexplored areas in engineering to exploit their potentials.

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Zhang Yu, a student in the class of 2021, spoke as an old student representative. She shared her insights of living on the international campus in the past year. According to her, coming to the international campus to become a member of the ZJUI community is one of the most important choices she has ever made. It is in this place that she has found the motivation to pursue her dreams.2017级学生张雨发言.jpg

2018 freshman Lin Lan spoke on behalf of all the freshmen. She is very proud to be a ZJUI student in Zhejiang University. She said that she would definitely practice the school motto, expand her international vision and pursue her dreams with her cohort.


With cheerful music playing, the 2018 freshman opening ceremony drew to an end. As the freshmen would start their intense undergraduate program from next week, they would also officially set off to sail for their dreams!  

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