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The “DREMES 2021 Summer Workshop” was held successfully
Date:21/07/2021 Reporter:Stephanie Cameraman:Stephanie

The first summer workshop of the Dynamic Research Enterprise for Multidisciplinary Engineering Sciences (DREMES) was held online in July. It was jointly organized by Prof. Philip Krein and Prof. Erping LI, the two Directors of the ZJU-UIUC Joint Research Enterprise. The workshop included student presentations, highlight presentations, and a progress summary and near-term plans for each of the three theme-area centers supported by DREMES. The center-scale themes include the Center for Pathogen Diagnostics (CPD), the Center for Adaptive, Resilient, Cyber-Physical Manufacturing Networks (CyMan), and the Center for Infrastructure Resilience in Cities as Livable Environments (CIRCLE).

More than 50 scholars and students from the both sides gathered online for presentations and discussion. Digital twins, flexible manufacturing, detection of exosomal RNAs, models of complex urban environments, and SARS-COV2 detection were among the project topics presented at the workshop. The research teams seek to break through barriers of physical space and pandemic travel limitations through online discussions, virtual lab environments, and seminars. The teams carry out collaborative research to embrace important global challenges.


The Dynamic Research Enterprise for Multidisciplinary Engineering Sciences (DREMES) is the joint research enterprise between ZJU and Illinois. It is also a unique umbrella for active collaborations among ZJU, Illinois, and ZJUI. The enterprise explores fundamental global issues in human health, energy and environment, and sustainable manufacturing.